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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 32 Recap

Linglong returned to Wutong , and Wutong asked where Linglong had gone. Linglong said that she had gone to Huagu and wanted to pick some nice flowers to make a sachet for him, but she didn’t expect to meet the right one. Wutong asked her to drink some tea, and then gave her cakes. While Linglong was not paying attention, Wu Tong put something in the cake. Wutong explained that Tian had a lot of fun with her, and Linglong hadn’t been with her for a few days, so Linglong happily agreed. Wutong asked her to give the cake to the second brother to eat.

Linglong didn’t know that it was poisonous, so she agreed. Chu Xuanji and the others searched the neighborhood and found a place with a lot of smoke, so they rushed over. God Snake Teng appeared in front of them, and Chu Xuanji had seen him in the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations. Chu Xuanji was very dissatisfied that Teng She went down to make the surrounding people homeless, and Teng She also shot at them. Yu Sifeng was not Teng She’s opponent, and was slapped flying by the palm of Teng She. Chu Xuanji thought that Yu Sifeng was killed by Teng Snake and was very angry. Chu Xuanji took out Dingkun to kill Teng Snake because he injured Yu Sifeng. Teng She was trapped by Chu Xuanji, at this time Yu Sifeng came back, and he was not dead.

Yu Sifeng said that he should be Chu Xuanji’s spirit beast. Yu Sifeng helped Chu Xuanji condense the blood soul orb so that he could conquer Teng Snake. Teng Snake became Chu Xuanji’s spirit beast. He wanted to resist Chu Xuanji, but was controlled by Chu Xuanji with blood soul beads, and Vine Snake was fainted with anger. When he woke up again, Yu Sifeng asked Xiao Yinhua to follow Teng Snake. Seeing that Yu Sifeng and the others had left, Teng Snake wanted to run away. But he did not succeed, and without the permission of his master, he could not run far.

Yu Sifeng wiped Chu Xuanji’s face and saw that her eyebrows were burned, so he drew her eyebrows on Chu Xuanji. Teng She was making trouble outside and smashed the whole street because he couldn’t run away and had to come back. Teng Snake was controlled by Chu Xuanji with blood soul beads to apologize to the people, and Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji to train Teng Snake as a puppy. Chu Xuanji discussed with Teng She, but Teng She was furious. Chu Xuanji and the others went to Ting Nu and told them that Chu Xuanji had found Teng Snake.

Teng She wanted to leave the yard, but he couldn’t do without. Xiao Yinhua gave him an idea to give Chu Xuanji medicine, and then cut off her arm so that she could leave. Teng She gave her the wine to drink, but Chu Xuanji was fine, but Teng She’s face was swollen. He found Liu Yihuan and wanted to find him for an antidote, but Liu Yihuan said there was no antidote. Chu Xuanji asked Liu Yihuan if there was any way to save him. Liu Yihuan said that Chu Xuanji’s blood could detoxify. Chu Xuanji gave him the antidote and said that he could leave them.

Yu Sifeng applied medicine to Chu Xuanji, and he said that he shouldn’t have helped her conquer Teng Snake if he knew it. Chu Xuanji also said that she would not accept it if she knew so much trouble. Yu Sifeng said that it was because Chu Xuanji had put too much thought on Teng She, and Chu Xuanji understood that Yu Sifeng was jealous. Yu Sifeng said that to be jealous is to be jealous. Chu Xuanji comforted Yu Sifeng, saying that Teng She was about to leave anyway.

Yu Sifeng asked him if he wanted Teng Snake to stay. He had a way to let him stay. Teng Snake’s poison was solved. He smelled the food and saw the food on the dinner table. Chu Xuanji told him that he was leaving, so he would not be allowed to eat. Teng She looked at so many delicious foods, he sat down to eat, Teng She said he would not leave, and asked them to feed him delicious things tomorrow. Chu Xuanji asked him who the emperor was, and Teng She said what Si Ming had told him, saying that Chu Xuan rebelled against the heavens because of love.

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