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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 31 Recap

Ting Nu has cured Yu Sifeng, but his body is a little weak. The fact that Yu Sifeng is a demon was also concealed by them, and Ting Nu asked him if he was afraid of being seen by Chu Xuanji , and then ran out, but if you want to stay together in the future, then how can you tell Chu Xuanji. Yu Sifeng said he didn’t know how to speak, and Liu Yihuan said he couldn’t speak. If he spoke, the identity of Lize Palace would be exposed. Ting Nu told him not to think so much. The most important thing now is to keep his body well. Liu Yihuan and the others went out and told Chu Xuanji that Yu Sifeng was okay and was resting now. Ting Nu explained Yu Sifeng’s affairs to the head of Chu, saying that he was poisoned by a monster.

Chu Xuanji took care of Yu Sifeng in the room. He told Yu Sifeng that she had never been so scared. The five of them went to Zhoushan, but only two of them came back. She only realized now that she felt really bad now. Up. Chu Xuanji secretly vowed that she would become stronger and would not hurt the people around her. Zhong Minyan and Ruoyu were assigned to work in the kitchen, but they didn’t expect to enter the Tianxu Hall. Zhong Minyan asked him if it came true to enter the Tianxu Hall to survive.

Ruoyu said that since he knew that Zhong Minyan had entered the Tianxu Hall with his master’s orders on his back, as a brother, he couldn’t do nothing. Zhong Minyan was surprised. Ruoyu said that he heard the head of Chu tell him that he would sneak into the Tianxu Hall and take the opportunity to grab the key. Ruoyu also wanted to sneak into the Tianxu Hall with him because he heard it.

Yu Sifeng woke up and saw Chu Xuanji lying beside his bed. Yu Sifeng took her hand, and Chu Xuanji found that Yu Sifeng was awake and wanted to call Tingnu. Yu Sifeng stopped her and said that he was really fine. Chu Xuanji said that the feeling of loving someone turned out to be this way, and asked Yu Sifeng not to leave her in the future. Head Chu and the others came in and checked Yu Sifeng’s body. He was not in a serious condition now.

Chu Xuanji asked his father to return to the Shaoyang faction to return Chu Linglong ‘s soul to her place. Yu Sifeng was injured and could not act well, so Chu Xuanji said he would stay and take care of Yu Sifeng. The head of Chu told Chu Xuanji that the hairpin conference was about to begin again. When Yu Sifeng got better, he dared to return to the Shaoyang faction, and head Chu left. Seeing that the head of Chu had left, Liu Yihuan asked how his daughter was doing. Chu Xuanji released Yu’er and hugged them together. Yu’er said she must practice well in the future. Ting Nu asked Yu’er to practice in the land of their Yu clan, and Liu Yihuan asked him to take them quickly.

Zhong Min said that they were looking for the key, but they were guarded by Wutong and had no chance to find it. Zhong Minyan they watched the flower demon kick the shuttlecock, and remembered Chu Linglong’s past. The flower demon’s key fell to Zhong Minyan’s side, the flower demon took out the whip and hit Zhong Minyan with a whip, the dagger of Zhong Minyan fell out, the flower demon picked it up and took a look, there was a memory in her mind. She threw away the dagger and let them beat Zhong Minyan. The head of Chu returned to the Shaoyang School and put the soul into Chu Linglong’s body, but he did not immediately wake up. Ruoyu suspected that Chu Linglong’s primordial spirit was in the body of the flower demon, they were going to investigate slowly.

Zhong Minyan held the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations, and the Flower Fairy wanted to see it. She held the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations and remembered some previous things. The wolf wanted to threaten Linglong to obtain the spirit key, but Wutong drove away. Linglong brought medicine to Zhong Minyan and asked him if he wanted to see his second brother, Linglong took him to see the second brother. Zhong Minyan fed him the elixir, and Linglong let him go. Zhong Min said that they didn’t give the second brother food these time? Linglong gave him a glutinous rice cake, saying it was her favorite to eat. Zhong Minyan said that her favorite is sweet-scented osmanthus cake.

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