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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 30 Recap

Yu Sifeng told Wu Tong that if he hurt Zhong Minyan , he would let Xiao Yinhua kill the flower demon. Wutong took a look, and then said that if you want to kill the flower demon, kill it. Anyway, he can create a second Linglong. Xiao Yinhua bit Wutong’s hand before she was ready, and Zhong Minyan took the opportunity to run away. The birthday wax was about to burn out, and Wutong asked his men to deal with them. Yu Sifeng and the others were almost unable to hold on, Zhong Minyan said that he had given up. As long as he let Chu Linglong go , he would stay for him to drive. Wutong asked the Flower Fairy to act on Zhong Minyan, and the Flower Fairy was about to pierce his body and was stopped by Wutong.

However, Wu Tong asked him to bring the second senior brother up and asked Zhong Minyan to kill the second senior, otherwise he would not be given Chu Linglong’s soul. Chu Xuanji and they told him not to do it. This is a trap. Wu Tong gave Zhong Minyan the black and white ring of their Tianxu Hall and told him to kill the second brother. Zhong Minyan chopped off a hand of the second brother, saying this is sincere enough. Chu Xuanji and the others can’t get out now, and Ruoyu also said that they are willing to surrender. Ruoyu’s sword pierced Yu Sifeng’s chest, Chu Xuanji was stimulated, and the power of the God of War in his body awakened and took Yu Sifeng away. Yu Sifeng’s condition was not good, he vomited blood, and he couldn’t hold on. Yu Sifeng lost consciousness.

Haochen arrived, and Chu Xuanji asked him to save Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng and the others were treated by Master Yinghong, but said that he would not last long. Chu Xuanji wanted to use Shaoyang School’s forbidden technique to save Yu Sifeng, and Hao Chen said he would save Yu Sifeng. Hao Chen used the forbidden technique to rescue Yu Sifeng, but he needed to find the heavenly materials and earth treasures to restore Yu Sifeng, the head of Chu and the others went looking for it. Chu Xuanji took care of Yu Sifeng in the room, Xiao Yinhua brought medicine, but it didn’t work. Chu Xuanji shed tears. The Marriage Flower she planted exuded powerful spiritual power. She felt that she might be able to save Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji used his mouth to feed the Liangyuan Flower into Yu Sifeng’s body.

Chu Xuanji handed Chu Linglong’s soul to the head of Chu, and the head of Chu asked her who Zhong Min spoke. Chu Xuanji said that Zhong Minyan had become Wu Tong’s subordinate and also chopped off the second brother’s hand. The head of Chu suspected Ruoyu, and Chu Xuanji believed it too. The head of Chu told Chu Xuanji about her brother Haochen’s wishes, but Chu Xuanji knelt down and said about the marriage, she and Yu Sifeng had long been privately appointed for life, except for Yu Sifeng, she would not marry anyone. Head Chu asked her to get up and talk about this later.

Xiao Yinhua was taking care of Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng couldn’t stand such powerful spiritual power. Xiao Yinhua was about to unlock the seal that sealed Yu Sifeng’s demon body. Yu Sifeng told her not to untie it, but Xiao Yinhua did not listen to him and untie it for him. But still unable to control it, Yu Sifeng asked her to find Liu Yihuan. Chu Xuanji was making medicine for Yu Sifeng and then sending it to him. She found that the room was sealed, and Chu Xuanji said that he had found a monster, opened the room and Yu Sifeng ran away. Haochen found Yu Sifeng, and Chu Xuanji also came. They took Yu Sifeng back, and Haochen felt strange to Yu Sifeng.

A demon poison was found in Yu Sifeng’s body, and Ting Nu and the others came and wanted to help Yu Sifeng and the others. With Chu Xuanji’s insistence, the head of Chu agreed. Ting Nu used Xianli to eliminate Yu Sifeng’s demon, and Hao Chen saw Ting Nu recognize him. Haochen was helped into the room, and Ting Nu asked them to go out and wait, and he would rescue Yu Sifeng. Tingnu said that to help Yu Sifeng reshape his heart, he needs to stay sober and let him be patient. Ting Nu began to cast a spell to rescue Yu Sifeng, and Chu Xuanji and the others waited outside the door. Ting Nu has reshaped his heart, and Yu Sifeng is no longer a serious problem.

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