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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 29 Recap

Yu Sifeng and the others are resting, and Chu Xuanji is leaning on Yu Sifeng . They are looking for the entrance of Buzhou Mountain, and they are going to leave at midnight tonight. Head Chu and the others were waiting for Chu Xuanji and others in Qingmu Town, but before Chu Xuanji was already there, they searched separately. Zhong Minyan felt that something was wrong outside, so he went out to take a look and found that the head of Chu had arrived. Head Chu asked him if he came here alone with him behind his back, is there a master in the smoke.

Zhong Minyan knelt down. He just wanted to rescue Chu Linglong . Now that he was outside of Buzhou Mountain, he would not go back. Chu Linglong said that he was single-minded to Chu Linglong and he was his most proud disciple. Head Chu said that there was a more important task to be entrusted to him, and Ruoyu saw it from inside the door.

Chu Xuanji and the others began to look for the entrance again. They found that the path of moonlight was the real way, and they knew the entrance. The purple fox opened the entrance of Buzhou Mountain, and they all entered Buzhou Mountain. The head of Chu and the others showed up and told them not to go. Chu Xuanji said she would definitely go. Chu Xuanji promised that they would return safely, kowtow to them, and then went in.

The purple fox was waiting for them, and they saw Bu Zhoushan. The purple fox is going to Fen Rucheng to find Wuzhiqi , let them follow the shadow to find the Tianxu Hall. Chu Xuanji and the others went to the Tianxu Hall to save people, and the purple fox entered Fenru City. Zihu followed the steps and kept calling Wuzhiqi. Wuzhiqi was very excited when he heard someone visit him. Zihu ran to hug Wuzhiqi, but Wuzhiqi seemed to have lost her memory. Zihu asked him to think about who she was, but he couldn’t remember. The wax candle of the purple fox was destroyed by the people in the Tianxu Hall, and the purple fox was about to be taken out.

Chu Xuanji and the others rescued her. But Yu Sifeng and the others were discovered by the gods because of their mana. They recognized the general of the God of War, but they refused to let her in and let her go back. The gate of Fen Ru city opened, and they must go back. The purple fox was shaken out of Bu Zhou Mountain, she was not dead, she went to see her birthday wax, the people from Tianxu Hall came out, it turned out to be Yuen Long, that is, the head of Tianxu Hall. The purple fox was taken into the purse by Yuen Long. Hao Chen rushed over and found that there was one missing birthday wax, and he fought Yuen Long. He was not Yuen Long’s opponent, and was knocked to the ground by Yuen Long.

Chu Xuanji and the others searched for a long time, but still did not find the Tianxu Hall. They found a disciple of the Xuanyuan School in a palace, Chu Xuanji and the others saw Linglong, they didn’t know that she was a fake. Zhong Minyan told her many things in the past, which made Linglong emotionally unstable. Yu Sifeng knocked her out and tied her up. Chu Xuanji said that she had an evil spirit, not Chu Linglong. Yu Sifeng called out Xiao Yinhua and asked Linglong to take them to Tianxu Hall. Linglong only took them to the Tianxu Hall. Yu Sifeng asked Yuer again and asked her to take them to find Yuer.

They rescued Yu’er, and Yu Sifeng asked her if she knew there were places where people were not allowed to enter. They thought it must be in Wutong ‘s room, so Linglong took them to Wutong’s room. However, there were so many primordial spirits in the room. They were about to take the primordial spirit back, and were about to leave, surrounded by Wutong and others. The exquisite spirit was on his Wutong. Zhong Min said that Wutong couldn’t get Chu Linglong’s heart, so he made a fake Linglong with this flower demon. Wu Tong was said to be in pain and controlled Zhong Minyan, saying that if they were coming, he would move his head. Zhong Min said that even if he kills him, he will never get Chu Linglong

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