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Qing Qing Zi Jin (2020) 青青子衿

Qing Qing Zi Jin (2020)
Other Title:  青青子衿

Genres: drama, Friendship, Historical, Romance, School
Xu Fei
Wu Yu
Mango TV
Release Date: 
Aug 17, 2020 – Oct 13, 2020
Related Show:
Adapted from Wu Yu’s novel “Gong Xue Has Bandits”


  • Kris Fan as Luo Qiu Chi
  • Rain Lu as Wen Ren Juan
  • Xie Bin Bin as Hang Ru Xue
  • Fortuna Yu as Wen Ren Shu
  • Morni Chang as Wen Ren Jing
  • Zhang Yu Qi as Sun Zuo Yang

It follows genius Luo Qiu Chi, who as a child was looked down on because he was poor. He is forced to leave his family home as a child, escapes into the mountains, hides his true identity, and becomes the wild and swaggering “Mountain General”. Later, he accidentally meets female student Wen Ren Juan, the younger daughter of a concubine whose mother died when she was young and who is disliked by the official wife of her father. And the adventure begins.

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