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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 7 Recap

Hang Ruxue followed Luo Qiu, and Luo Qiuchi turned off the surrounding lights. At this time, the night watchman was eating, and the food had been drugged. Fu Yuanzhi was watching Luo Qiuchi. After a while, the night watchman fainted. Luo Qiuchi came to the library and found Then someone entered the library, and the two moved their hands. Luo Qiuchi’s mask was uncovered.

This person led Luo Qiuchi away. Then someone went into the library and burned Zhuxiu Academy. Luo Qiuchi found out The list fell in the library, so I went back to look for it, and found that the library was burned and the list was gone. Luo Qiuchi took the night watchman away, Wen Renjun rushed into the library, and Luo Qiuchi finally rescued the person.

The doctor bandaged Luo Qiuchi. Wen Renjun came to see Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi blamed Wen Renjun for rushing into the fire yesterday morning. Wen Renjun said that he was very anxious, and Luo Qiuchi said Wenrenjun was stupid. Fu Yuanzhi asked why he didn’t catch up with Luo Qiuchi last night. Fu Yuanzhi said that he had been observing Luo Qiuchi these two days. Hang Ruxue asked Fu Yuanzhi where Luo Qiuchi had gone. Fu Yuanzhi said that he had seen him enter the library. When Father Wen came to the library, the night watchman was rescued. Si Cheng said that Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi helped save the people. It was Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi who saved the people.

Your Majesty wanted to reward the two. Fu Yuanzhi said that except for Luo Qiuchi and the night watchman, he didn’t see anyone else, so Hang Ruxue came to Wenfu and told everyone about the reward. Hang Ruxue asked Luo Qiuchi why it was earlier than the guard yesterday. Wen Renjun said he was When he came to see him, Luo Qiuchi said that because Wen Renjun was his own stone slinger, Wen’s father gave Luo Qiuchi two days to investigate the case.

Luo Qiuchi asked Wen Renjun if he would punish her, and Wen Renjun said that his father would never punish himself. After a while, her uncle came to Wen Renjun. Hang Ruxue said that if Luo Qiuchi was the person who set fire, Wen Renjun was an accomplice, but Fu Yuanzhi said Wen Renjun did not set fire. Hang Ruxue asked Fu Yuan how he knew, and Fu Yuanzhi said that he didn’t see it yesterday. Wen Renjun said that Luo Qiuchi did not set fire, and then Fu Yuanzhi admitted that he had lied yesterday, and Hang Ruxue was very angry. Wen Renjun found a Huozhezi on the ground. Luo Qiuchi hid his Huozizi. Hang Ruxue also came. Hang Ruxue said that the Huozizi in Luo Qiuchi’s hands may have been left by the man in black, Hang Ruxue. Apologize to Luo Qiuchi for slandering him without finding out the truth. Wen Renjun asked if the man in black would come to investigate the case.

His uncle came in a while and told Wen Renjun to leave these things alone. Luo Qiuchi found the cover of the Personnel on the ground and was burned. Then the grandfather who sweeps the floor appeared in Luo Qiujiji. In personal sight, after Luo Qiuchi found him, he said he set fire to him. Yesterday he dropped the fire book in the library. Hang Ruxue caught the grandfather and brought it back for interrogation, but Luo Qiuchi thought that grandpa was strange, and Hang Ruxue just caught him. He, he will do all the tricks.

Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi were drinking, and they were drunk for a while. They kissed Zhao Qinghe. The students discovered that there was a complete text of Cai Wenji in the library. The doctors were very excited and all went in to find the text, but they were very surprised when they saw Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi. close. Wen Renjun was scolded by his mother and father when he returned home. Wen Renjun said that he was his slinger, so he had a lot of contact with him. His mother wanted to talk to Si Cheng and changed the slinger. Said that Li Lingbi had come to the mansion many times. My mother told Wen Renshu that Luo Qiuchi was the leader of the unicorns appointed by His Majesty.

It was definitely unusual, but she just didn’t want Wen Renjun to do everything he wanted. The doctor hoped that Wen Renjun would go home and react for two days. He also planned to let the students go out and change the tour of mountains and rivers into group training, which is around the capital, so the doctor went to Sicheng to talk about it. The doctor told everyone that the spring outing was changed to group training and the head of Hangzhou was in charge. Then Luo Qiuchi approached Wen Renjun, but Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi kept their distance.

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