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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 5 Recap

Qinghe asked Wen Renjun what was wrong, Wen Renjun said that he was suffering, Wen Renjun asked what was wrong with Qinghe, Qinghe said he was sad, Wen Renjun said whether he was scolded by Hang Ruxue, Qinghe said yes, and then Wenren Jun said that he could give him something, and Qinghe thought it was feasible. The doctor was furious during the class. Luo Qiuchi’s homework for everyone was messy, and he painted tortoises. Luo Qiuchi told the doctor that he blamed himself for not checking, so the doctor saw the foul language, so Xie Ziyun was the first to be beaten.

After class, Xie Ziyun came to trouble Luo Qiuchi, Wen Renjun helped Luo Qiuchi, and then started with Xie Ziyun. Fu Yuanzhi and Hang Ruxue said that Luo Qiu is not easy, and there is always an unspeakable annoyance. Hang Ruxue also thinks so. Luo Qiuchi was thinking that nine years ago, Fu Yuanzhi was just a milk child and could not be a murderer, so he went to search. After getting a few letters in Fu Yuanzhi’s room, Fu Yuanzhi came in, but did not see Luo Qiuchi.

Luo Qiuchi took the letter and went back to read it. After reading the letter, he found it disgusting, and then he saw Xiantong’s four-year letter. Fu Yuanzhi called Luo Qiuchi and asked him why he was going to his room. Luo Qiuchi said he didn’t go to his room. Wen Renjun said that he wanted to know the waist of the brother’s waist and just asked himself if there was something to hide from him, Luo Qiuchi said no.

Li Lingbi wants to come to the house as a guest. Wen Renshu finds a set of clothes for Wen Renjun. Wen Renjun thinks his sister is very good, but Wen Renshu is not so kind. When Li Lingbi came to Wen’s house, Li Lingbi stammered a bit, but he was still a talent. The aunt asked about Li Lingbi. Li Lingbi said that his original partner passed away last year. After Wenrenshu came to see Li Lingbi, he was fascinated by Wenrenshu. The aunt asked Li Gongzi to go back, feeling that it was not too late. Li Gongzi said today My father is not here, so I can stay for a while, and laughed when I heard the people.

Qinghe saw Hang Ruxue on the street. Hang Ruxue went into the shop to watch the sword. The sword he fancyed was ordered by Qinghe. After Hang Ruxue left, the boss said that the general was good, but he had no money. Qinghe saw Hang Ruxue came out empty-handed. Wen Renjun told Qinghe about the blind date. Wen Renjun said that Gongzi Li had taken a liking to her elder sister, and since she had a memory, the aunt didn’t like herself. Wen Renjun asked about her and Hang Ruxue.

Qinghe said that he seemed to have done something wrong, and then remembered that his jade pendant had been put in the box containing the dagger. Qinghe asked Wen Renjun to help him get it back. Luo Qiuchi returned to the room and played a rogue with Hang Ruxue, saying that he was going to take a bath. Wen Renjun and Qinghe came to Hang Ruxue and Luo Qiuchi’s room, and they looked for them separately.

Qinghe entered the room. Wen Renshu and Sun Mengyin wanted to take a look at the unicorn jade pendant, so they planned to go to Luo Qiuchi’s room. Qinghe entered Hang Ruxue’s room. Hang Ruxue was already asleep. Sun Mengyin took Wen Renshu to Luo Qiuchi’s room, but when he met Xie Ziyun, several people put the snake in, but Luo Qiuchi found out After catching the snake, Wen Renshu held Sun Mengyin and prevented her from telling Luo Qiuchi.

Hang Ruxue heard the noise and saw Qinghe in a while. Luo Qiuchi dragged Xie Ziyun in, pressed a few sips of bath water in the barrel, and then let the remaining few people in together, scared them with snakes, and was in charge. Found it, but was blamed by the doctor. Luo Qiu went to the closet late, knowing that Wen Renjun must be in it. The doctor asked the others to go first. Hang Ruxue called to Qinghe, saying that she had no spine, and she would do what others asked her to do. Qinghe apologized and left soon. Up. Luo Qiuchi wanted to open the cabinet, but Wen Renjun didn’t let go.

Then Luo Qiuchi said that everyone had already left and let Wen Renjun come out. Luo Qiuchi asked Wen Renjun why he watched herself take a bath. Wen Renjun said that he originally wanted to go to Hang Ruxue’s room. Luo Qiuchi thought Wen Renjun was going to take a peek at Hang Ruxue’s bath, and was very angry. Wen Renjun said he didn’t think about it. I want to peek at anyone taking a bath, I just can’t tell.

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