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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 1 Recap

The new emperor ascended the throne and plans to hold a unicorn exam to select talents. Those with excellent grades can go to the Royal Academy of Learning Zhuxiu Academy.

Wen Renjun and Wen Renshu were attacked. Wen Renjun is the younger sister, and Wen Renshu is the older sister. Then Luo Qiuchi was the person who attacked and then took the two sisters back. At this time, the palace came to report that fifteen female students were abducted, and Wen’s father’s children were abducted. The emperor was a child, so he planned to give money as the kidnappers wanted, so he retreated. Mr. Dongyishan came to the female students to drink, and when he saw Wenrenshu, he planned to take Wenrenshu away, but Wenrenjun said that he would drink, so Mr. Dongyishan took Wenrenjun away, Mr. Dongyishan He asked Wen Renjun if he could sing a song, and Wen Renjun said that he could not, so he told a story to Lord Dongyishan, and talked about the Lu Xingyun incident.

Zhao Qinghe told the bandits that his father was Zhao Wansan. If they let him go, his father would give them a lot of money. Later, others cast bad eyes. Dongyi Shanjun and Wen Renjun quarreled, and they slept at night. Together. The next day Wen Renjun gave everyone food, and after a while everyone looked down on Wen Renjun, and Sun Mengyin spoke too much, because Wen Renjun stayed with the bandits, and Wen Renjun told everyone whether he would like to eat or not. , And even if Sun Mengyin wanted to eat, he had to apologize before he could eat. Then Sun Mengyin apologized, Wen Renshu told his sister that he would talk to the bandit next time.

Fu Yuanzhi wanted to save Wen Renjun, his mother couldn’t see it, and she didn’t want Fu Yuanzhi to go, but if she really wanted to save someone, she would save Wenren’s daughter, as for the little Wenrenjun, whatever. kind. Sun Gongzi took everyone to the academy to redeem people. Dongyi Shan wanted to compete with the people in the academy. As long as the competition was won, he could take the people away. Dongyi Shan wanted everyone to choose what he was good at and compete against him, and It was together, so they fought, Dongyi Shanjun won, Wen Renjun cheered for him, and then changed his words to cheer for the students of the college.

Then I continued to play archery and chess. The poem was finished and the carving was finished. But everyone suspected that he was cheating, but it was later confirmed that there was no cheating. It was just that every step was planned at the beginning, and finally he won. Ask someone to open the prison door. But instead of letting everyone go, he asked his subordinates to repeat the redemption request. That is, no one of the fifteen boys brought money to receive a female student, so they were asked to go back and redeem the money. Wen Renshu and Wen Renjun had no one to pick him up. Sun Gongzi said that Wenrengong should have arranged people, but they were just on their way.

Zhao Qinghe told Wen Renjun that he would accompany her in jail, but Wen Renjun said that if she let her go first, someone would come to save him. Zhao Qinghe asked who it was. Wen Renjun said that he was a far away brother. He had a very close relationship with him since childhood. Okay, so he will come, and he won’t care about himself and his sister.

Then Zhao Qinghe said that there was only half a day, but Wen Renjun told her to rest assured. Lord Dongyi Shan asked if no one had come, so he left, and Zhao Qinghe was taken away. Hang Ruxue returned to the dynasty with merit, and the emperor canonized Hang Ruxue as a general. Wen Renjun comforted her sister in jail, and her sister told Wen Renjun to tell her to talk to the bandits, because she knew the bandits, let him let them go, father and mother would give him everything, Wen Renjun listened Very embarrassed.

At this time, Lord Dongyishan came to see the two sisters in prison. Wen Renjun told Lord Dongyishan not to take her sister’s words to heart. My sister was only afraid, so she said those words and said she wanted to accompany Dongyishan. You play games, tell stories or something, but Lord Dongyishan don’t want to hear Renjun, but take Wenrenjun away. Wenrenjun hugs Dongyishanjun’s thigh, and Dongyishan holds the sword to Xiangwen. Renjun, Wen Renjun said he was not a bad person, but Dongyi Shanjun said that he usually didn’t like listening to good things, and then he took Wen Renshu away. Wen Renshu said to Mr. Dongyishan that if he wanted money, his father could give her, but Mr. Dongyishan didn’t want it. Then Wenrenshu said, let his father give Wen Renjun to him. So he stopped drinking, and then Dongyi Shanjun took Wen Renshu to the prison to see Wen Renjun.

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