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My Unicorn Girl 穿盔甲的少女 Episode 4 Recap

Wen Bing helped Sang Tian apply medicine on her feet. Wen Bing said that in order not to let Sang Tian push him, she took away Sang Tian’s little red book. Coach Xue from the figure skating club came to coach the horse, and Sang Tian hid immediately to avoid being caught. Sang Tian heard the content of the chat between Coach Horse and Coach Xue. It turned out that Coach Xue wanted Coach Horse to find a boyfriend. Coach Ma asked Wenbing and Sang Tian to be in charge of the docking with the figure skating team. Sang Tian wanted Wen Bing to help him solve the figure skating issue, but Wen Bing refused.

Sang Tian went back to the dormitory, wanting to get Xiaohongben from Wenbing. But accidentally poured Coke on Wenbing’s bed. So Sang Tian let Wen Bing sleep in her bed. After Sang Tian took out the hair dryer from the bathroom, she found that Wen Bing was not sleeping on her bed, but hit a floor. Wen Bing explained that the top was too high and he was afraid of heights. Sang Tian found that Wen Bing was actually not too bad, but was too arrogant to speak well. In order to prevent Sang Tian from stealing Xiaohongben, Wen Bing took Xiaohongben in his arms.

Wen Bing and his uncle talked about their relationship with Sang Tian. Wen Bing thought that Sang Tian liked him, but his uncle said he was passionate. Here, Sang Tian also told Xiao Rou about this. Xiao Rou thought that Wen Bing was in love with Sang Tian, ​​and she also taught her how to tell if someone likes her. So Sang Tian and Wen Bing both tested each other according to the methods they gave. Sang Tian found that Wen Bing seemed to really like her and Wen Bing found that Sang Tian didn’t like him.

Coach Ma asked Sang Tian to hand over the schedule to Coach Xue in the figure skating department. Wen Bing saw it and took the initiative to help Sang Tian hand in the schedule to Coach Xue. Wen Bing came to the figure skating club and looked at the blurred faces of many people, so he called out Coach Xue. Sang Tian met Sang Zhan on campus. Sang Zhan asked Sang Tian to accompany him to dinner. Wen Bing saw this scene. So she immediately sent a message to Sang Tian that something major had happened in the dormitory, so Sang Tian had to go back to the dormitory first and see Sang Zhan later.

Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to wash his sheets by hand. Sang Zhan bought ice cream in the supermarket and sent a message to Sang Tian asking her why she was not coming. So accidentally collided with Meng Na and got the ice cream on Meng Na’s clothes. Meng Na made Sang Zhan lose money. Meng Na almost fell inadvertently. Sang Zhan took advantage of the momentum to support her, and the two quarreled a few words. Later Sang Zhan left. After washing, Sang Tian wanted to eat with Sang Zhan, but Wen Bing followed behind. Sang Tian happened to see Meng Na and shouted Wen Bing’s name and went to the cafeteria to have dinner with her younger brother.

When Wen Bing came to the cafeteria, she just met Sang Tian and Sang Zhan. So Wen Bing ate with Sang Tian and the others. Sang Zhan deliberately asked Sang Tian to pick up vegetables for him to test whether Wen Bing liked Sang Tian. Wen Bing couldn’t stand it, so he left angrily. Later, Sang Zhan told Sang Tian that Wenbing really liked him. Sang Tian felt that the matter must come to an abrupt end before it got serious, so she returned to the dormitory with delicious food to please Wenbing. But Wen Bing said that Sang Tian would never get him, she was passionate.

Wen Bing returned to the dormitory and found that Sang Tian was angry with him, so he bought a drink to please her. Finding that Sang Tian didn’t accept it, she used Xiao Hong to please her again. Sang Tian got Xiao Hong and went to bed. The next day Sang Tian received a message from Coach Ma that she was asked to go to the equipment room to get gloves. Sang Tian met the opponent from the figure skating team in the equipment room, so she had to wait for them to leave in the equipment room. Sang Tian waited and fell asleep. When Sang Tian woke up, the day was dark, the equipment room was also locked, and the phone just died.

Sang Zhan came to the dormitory to find Sang Tian, ​​and Sang Zhan planned to wait for Sang Tian in the dormitory. As time passed, Wen Bing realized that something was not right, so he and Sang Zhan looked for Sang Tian everywhere. Wen Bing suddenly thought of a good way, so he and Sang Zhan went to the monitoring room to check the monitoring. Wen Bing asked the staff to adjust the speed to ten times, so he successfully found Sang Tian in the equipment room. So Wen Bing ran to the equipment room quickly, broke the door and found Sang Tian, ​​and carried Sang Tian out of the equipment room. Sang Tian woke up in Wen Bing’s arms, and Sang Zhan left with peace of mind. Sang Tian was very grateful to Wen Bing for saving her, so the two quarreled with each other in the snow, hitting them and accidentally fell down. Then kissed again.

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