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My Unicorn Girl 穿盔甲的少女 Episode 3 Recap

Wen Bing just wanted to see who was doing figure skating, but suddenly met Meng Na and saw that Meng Na was talking about missing a figure skating suit, so Wen Bing left. Sang Tian received a message from Senior Meng Qi, saying that he would go to the swimming pool to find him after he finished getting his clothes. So Sang Tian came to the swimming pool to find the senior, and suddenly found Wen Bing was also in the swimming pool.

Just about to leave, I suddenly remembered what happened in the equipment room, so I wanted revenge. Sang Tian approached Wen Bing and wanted to push him into the water. Suddenly Wen Bing turned around and Sang Tian almost fell into the water. She was pulled by Wen Bing. Sang Tian told Wen Bing not to let go. Wen Bing let go of Sang Tian’s hand in order to fix her. After Sang Tian fell into the water, the wig fell off, so she wandered away immediately in order not to be found. Sang Tian swims ashore and Wen Bing finds out that Sang Tian is a girl.

Wen Bing thinks that Sang Tian is a girl, and staying in the ice hockey club will have a lot of trouble. So I just wanted to go to the office and tell the teacher the identity of the Sang Tian girl. At this time, Sang Tian just came to find Wen Bing, and Sang Tian told Wen Bing that she knew that he was hiding from his family and came to Liuye to play ice hockey without going to school. So Wen Bing threatened that if he didn’t want others to know, he let others go to school instead of him, let him listen to her now.

Sang Tian received news that he was going to the ice hockey rink to choose a dormitory. It turned out that they had to choose the number of people living in the dormitory through the tradition of the ice hockey department. There are only two single rooms, one of which was acquired by William Shen. When Wen Bing just wanted to get on the court to get the second single room, Sang Tian played a trick, so he went up first. Sang Tian wanted to shoot the last single room, but accidentally shot the double room. Sang Tian hinted that Wen Bing let him shoot in a single room to sleep her. Wen Bing pretended to agree, but shot in the same dormitory as Sang Tian.

Sang Tian came to the milk tea shop to chat with Xiaorou. Sang Zhan sent a message to Sang Tian that it was a good thing for the two to sleep in a dormitory, and said that Sang Tian would overthrow and hear the ice kiss and it would be done. Sang Tian kicked Sang Zhan out of the group chat in a fit of anger. Xiao Rou persuaded Sang Tian to quit school. She was worried about Sang Tian living with a boy. Sang Tian said that Wen Bing had a handle in his hand, and he dared not do anything to her.

Sang Tian came to the dormitory and heard Wen Bing tell her to help her take the bath towel on the bed, so Sang Tian brought the towel to Wen Bing. Sang Tian thought that Wen Bing had covered her eyes without clothes. When Sang Tian took a bath, William Shen suddenly came over and said that he wanted to borrow a bottle of shampoo. So Sang Tian immediately fully armed to cover it tightly. Sang Tian heard that there was no movement outside, so she came out and asked Wen Bing Shen why William had not come in. Wen Bing told Sang Tian that he had a bottle of shampoo in the cabinet and gave it to him. Wen Bing also praised Sang Tian’s legs. Sang Tian is very embarrassed. Sang Tian woke up in the middle of the night and found Wen Bing beside her bed, Sang Tian was taken aback. Wen Bing said that he would sleepwalk at night, and told Sang Tian in advance so as not to frighten her, so Sang Tian didn’t sleep all night.

Sang Tian came to the locker room to try to get Wen Bing to kiss him, but Wen Bing saw it through. Coach Ma selected the squad leader, and Wen Bing deliberately made Ji let Sang Tian beat Xiao Xiao and successfully became the squad leader. Uncle said that Wen Bing and Sang Tian live together to protect Sang Tian. Wen Bing said it was just to beware of her, because his identity was discovered by Sang Tian.

Sang Tian suddenly came to her menstrual period, so she went to the supermarket to buy sanitary napkins, and suddenly met Meng Na. She talked with Meng Na for a while, and Sang Tian came to the ice rink. But because she was late, the coach punished her for holding 100 goals. Sang Tian found that Sang Tian might not be able to hold it when he was guarding the ball, so he deliberately said that he had set Sang Tian’s alarm clock late, and he was responsible for the rest of the punishment. bear. Sang Tian was very touched seeing Wen Bing keep helping her catch the ball. In the end, they finally caught 300 balls. Wen Bing said that he helped her because he was afraid that she would tell him about him.

Sang Tian fainted and was sent to the infirmary. Xiao Rou was next to Sang Tian. Xiao Rou wanted to let Sang Tian drop out. It happened that Wenbing came to the entrance of the infirmary and heard the conversation between Sang Tian and Xiao Rou. I came to Liuye for my mother. Sang Tian returned to the dormitory and thanked Wen Bing for helping her today, so she deleted the photo. Wen Bing took out the 100 ways Xiaorou drew her to throw Wen Bing down. Sang Tian said she didn’t know who painted it, but she suddenly remembered the little red book that his brother told him. So immediately remembered that it was Xiaorou’s painting, so she went to grab the book, and accidentally threw down Wen Bing.

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