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My Unicorn Girl 穿盔甲的少女 Episode 2 Recap

Sang Tian took Wenbing’s umbrella and returned home. Sang Tian sat on the bed at home alone and watched the photo with her mother. She was holding Wenbing’s umbrella on the bed to keep out the rain, and Sang Tian also found the English letter W on the umbrella. Wen Bing drew the portrait of Sang Tian in the studio alone, and Wen Bing drew it all night.

Sang Tian suddenly realized the next day whether it was really bad luck that the black line had brought her, so she ran to the bus stop to find her grandmother. The old lady just got out of the car, so Sang Tian asked how she could solve this fate. The old lady asked if he had taken away a very important thing from her, so Sang Tian told the old lady that the other party had taken a kiss from her. So the grandmother said that only by getting his kiss back could she unlock this fate. Sang Tian didn’t believe what the old lady said, so she told her not to lie to others in the future, and even took the money to take a taxi home for her. But the old lady said that she still knit the black sweater, and their fate will grow in the future.

When my uncle came to the studio and found that Wen Bing had painted two portraits of people, he realized that Wen Bing could see the faces clearly. Uncle is very surprised, why Wen Bing has been unable to cure but suddenly can see clearly, and can only see Sang Tian’s face clearly. Uncle told Wen Bing that this might be destined.

Sang Tian, ​​Sang Zhan, and Xiao Rou ate hot pot together. Sang Zhan felt that it was the first kiss that made them unlucky. Sang Tian thought it was just a coincidence. Sang Zhan told her not only was her sister unlucky, but he and Xiaorou also followed. It turned out that Xiao Rou accidentally spilled the milk tea and lost a suit from the customer. This month it was nothing. Sang Zhan hoped that her sister would go and take the kiss back, maybe it could be transferred. Suddenly they entered the hospital because of the lack of air circulation in the hot pot restaurant, which caused carbon monoxide poisoning. Sang Zhan felt that the hapless kiss had brought them bad luck, so Sang Zhan and Xiao Rou both persuaded Sang Tian to try it. Today, Wen Bing was going to Liuye to participate in the trials. So Sang Tian had to bite the bullet and pretend to be a man and went to Liuye again.

Wen Bing came to the ice hockey rink to meet the coach and the players. Wen Bing uses height, weight, and shoe size to identify people. One of the classmates named Shen Weilian questioned Wen Bing’s qualifications to send students, so he wanted to compare with him. Wen Bing didn’t accept it at first, but retreated to the court and chatted with Sang Tian again. Wen Bing looked at Sang Tian’s face and wondered why she could only see her clearly. Sang Tian wanted to kiss him quickly and left as soon as he wanted to kiss. Wen Bing suddenly stood up and said to accept the challenge of Shen William’s classmate, and asked Sang Tian to play 2v2 with Shen William as his teammate.

Wen Bing asked Sang Tian to stand aside and watch, saying that he was just looking for her to make up the count. Wen Bing quickly scored a point in the first round. Later Shen William was not to be outdone, and quickly cut off the smell of the ice ball. I thought that when Shen William was about to score a goal, Sang Tian suddenly rushed out and intercepted Shen William’s ball, and finally successfully scored a goal. Shen William praised Wen Bing for being very powerful, saying that it was deliberate just now, and just wanted him to fight Wen Bing. Sang Tian came to the locker room to find Wen Bing and said that she wanted to reconcile with him so as to take the opportunity to kiss him, but Wen Bing refused. Sang Tian found the English letter W on the helmet, and then realized that the umbrella smelled of ice.

Sang Tian woke up in the morning and found that the landlord was at home. The landlord blamed her for messing up the room, so she was driven out by the landlord. Sang Zhan and Xiao Rou came to see Sang Tian. At this time, Sang Tian received a notice from the Six-Leaf Physical Education Institute, but suddenly found that it was an admission notice from the men’s ice hockey club. So Sang Zhan and Xiao Rou persuaded her to temporarily disguise herself as a man and enter the ice hockey club. Sang Tian thought for a long time and decided to enter the men’s hockey club.

Sang Tian disguised as a man and came to the ice hockey department to report, and met Wen Bing who came to report. Meng Na ran to her brother Meng Qi and said that he was to blame for transferring her to Liuye, so that she could not go to college with Wen Bing. Wen Bing just wanted to escape but was taken back by Sang Tian Limara. After seeing Wen Bing, Meng Na suddenly changed her mind and said to report to the figure skating department. Wen Bing and Sang Tian were called by Meng Qi senior to get ice hockey costumes in the equipment room. Sang Tian saw figure skates in the equipment room, so she changed into figure skating costume and came to the ice rink. Sang Tian was immersed in figure skating alone, and this scene happened to be seen by Wen Bing.

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