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Minor March (2020) G小调进行曲

Minor March (2020)
Other Title:  G小调进行曲 / G Xiao Diao Jin Xing Qu

Genres: drama, Music, Romance, School, Youth, Family
Liu Ning
Release Date:
 Aug 25, 2020
Related Show:
Adapted from a novel of the same name by Xiao Ni Zi


  • Hou Dong as Quan Xi Zheng
  • Sun Yi Ming as Lin Yi
  • Chen Yi Xi as Pu Zai
  • Zeng Li Yao as Pu Qi Cai
  • Liu Cheng Rui as Pu Zai Shang

A story that follows an ordinary girl with five brothers who are unique in their own right and her melodious romance with the prince of piano. Pu Qi Cai has five older brothers who share her family name despite some being adopted or a relative. Being constantly associated with the popular and handsome Pu Zai Yu, Pu Zai Gong, Pu Zai Shang, Pu Zai Jiao, and Pu Zai Zheng, Pu Qi Cai has become so used to extraordinary men that she thought she has become immune.

One day, she crosses paths with a young man because of a cellphone. He is Quan Xi Zheng who may be handsome and excellent at everything but also has a sharp tongue that pushes Qi Cai’s buttons. To make matters worse, Qi Cai can never beat him at his own game. Qi Cai’s older brothers step in to help her but nothing works until she discovers Quan Xi Zheng’s secret that revolves around a musical score called March Minor.

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