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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 29 Recap

Ling Xiao said that if Li Jianjian did not divorce, she would be her elder brother for the rest of her life, and that Li Jianjian was instinct to save herself. If Li Jianjian didn’t catch herself, she would sink. Li Jianjian grabbed Ling Xiao’s hand. Ling Xiao held Li Jianjian’s face and wanted to kiss him. At this time, He Ziqiu suddenly came in and asked what the two of them were doing. The two quickly separated Li Jianjian and said that the two of them were playing around. The next morning, Qi Mingyue and Li Jianjian talked about Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu, and suggested that Li Jianjian clarify the matter early, otherwise it will affect the relationship between Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu brothers when they can’t hide it.

Li Jianjian was afraid to say so because you didn’t let the two of them quarrel. Qi Mingyue said that Li Jianjian had a headache. He Mei’s friend Luo Hong visited He Ziqiu’s coffee shop and then analyzed the reasons for his coffee shop’s poor business, and suggested that He Ziqiu do activities and use low-cost raw materials. He Ziqiu recognized that Luo Hong was not Li Haichao’s friend is Mae’s friend. Luo Hong said very intimately that he wanted to help He Ziqiu, but He Ziqiu did not accept it.

He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian went home to eat together. He Ziqiu told Li Haichao that he recognized that it was a colleague from Mae Mae’s makeup shop. Then Li Haichao asked about the relationship between Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu, and Li Jianjian teased that He Ziqiu’s brain was broken. Li Jianjian accompanied He Ziqiu to withdraw the money and found that he was using a credit card. After some inquiries, he learned that He Ziqiu’s money for school and shop was earned by his own part-time work.

Zhao Huaguang only took care of He Ziqiu for two years. After Li Jianjian went back, he told Ling Xiao about the matter. It turned out that He Ziqiu didn’t want to call Zhao Huaguang’s father or change his surname when he arrived abroad, so Zhao Huaguang refused to give He Ziqiu money and wanted him to submit. In the end, He Ziqiu worked for himself to make money, and because he was afraid that Li Haichao was worried about these things, he never told Li Haichao. Ling Xiao asked He Ziqiu’s next plan that he couldn’t keep losing. He Ziqiu said that he had already calculated it and should be able to survive.

Ling Xiao suggested that He Ziqiu close the store but He Ziqiu was unwilling because he said that he could not let He Mei look down on him. Li Jianjian suggested that his copyright fees could help He Ziqiu when he arrived, but Ling Xiao said that no one could fill this bottomless pit. Li Jianjian said that Ling Xiao would always pour cold water every time she and He Ziqiu did something. Ling Xiao felt that Li Jianjian was repelling herself and then went back to the room angrily. He Ziqiu asked Li Jianjian to comfort Ling Xiao, and Li Jianjian found that Ling Xiao was not angry after entering.

He Ziqiu was going out to buy fruit, and Li Jianjian ran to try to pay for him. Li Jianjian asked He Ziqiu to get the banana and paid for it himself. He Ziqiu was very angry and quarreled with Li Jianjian when he knew it. At this time, Tang Can, who was passing by, cared about He Ziqiu when he heard it. He Ziqiu stunned Tang Can, who was also very depressed and asked He Ziqiu to tell Zhuang Bei not to let her mother place an order in her Taobao store. After Li Jianjian went home, he told Qi Mingyue about He Ziqiu.

At this time, Tang Can also came back and took out sugar like Li Jianjian to apologize, and the two reconciled. In order to celebrate that Li Jianjian’s studio invited everyone to eat hot pot, Tang Can approached Zhuang Bei to clarify the matter and told Zhuang Bei not to let her mother place an order at her Taobao store. Finally, Tang Can asked Zhuang Bei why he didn’t like him, and Zhuang Bei answered that he had someone he liked. Tang Can didn’t care on the surface, but he ran to the toilet and cried.

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