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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 28 Recap

Ling Xiao and Qi Mingyue expressed their apologies to her when they ate, and then encouraged Qi Mingyue to order their own dishes. Qi Mingyue finished the order easily with Ling Xiao’s encouragement. Then Ling Xiao said that when he was in Singapore, he had to study and take care of his family. It was very exhausting. Therefore, he contacted Qi Mingyue to get some news from Li Jianjian so that he could comfort him.

Qi Mingyue told Ling Xiao not to blame himself, after all, he was willing to let him use it. However, Ling Xiao still insisted that she did use Qi Mingyue and apologized to Qi Mingyue. Then Ling Xiao asked him how she liked herself when she had only known her for a year? Qi Mingyue said that because Ling Xiao gave her affirmation and confidence, Ling Xiao said that Qi Mingyue must have misunderstood, because their WeChat chat basically talked about Li Jianjian. Moreover, Qi Mingyue had never inquired about Ling Xiao in Singapore. Finally, Qi Mingyue was thinking about what he likes about Ling Xiao on the way back.

Qi Mingyue went home and told Tang Can about herself and Ling Xiao. Tang Can asked Qi Mingyue what he liked about Ling Xiao? Qi Mingyue said that he was thinking about this issue on the way back, maybe he just liked Ling Xiao secretly. Tang Can was very surprised when he heard it and asked Qi Mingyue to fall in love quickly, otherwise her mother would find someone to marry him. Then Tang Can lamented that his work is not going well and Qi Mingyue is not going well in love. Only Li Jianjian has a double harvest of career and love. If he becomes a great artist by then, an errand person and Qi Mingyue’s contract cannot match her.

At this time, Li Jianjian happened to hear it outside the door and then left angrily. Li Jianjian went to eat cake and Ling Xiao came in to comfort her and then played together to make Li Jianjian feel better. The next day, Li Jianjian was interviewed at He Ziqiu Café. The clerk lamented that both He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian were excellent and said that the relationship between He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian is not a sibling. He Ziqiu came over to encourage the clerk and ran to talk to Li Jianjian.

Li Jianjian said that when he thought of the scene of marrying He Ziqiu, he felt scared. He Ziqiu was very puzzled and said that as long as they were married, they could be on the same household registration. Then Li Jianjian said that although they were not on the same household registration, Li Haichao was the head of the household, then his mother, and He Ziqiu was the eldest son and then himself. . He Ziqiu then asked Ling Xiao, and Li Jianjian said that Ling Xiao was the eldest son of the Ling family.

Tang Can recorded a video in the room but was very discouraged when it didn’t go well. At this time, Qi Mingyue told her that Li Jianjian had bought Liangpi. Three people eating cold skin on the table Qi Mingyue hinted that Li Jianjian opened his mouth and eased relations with Tang Can. Tang Can recalled the failure of her audition in high school, and it was Qi Mingyue and Li Jianjian who always encouraged themselves by their side.

Then he said that he had failed since high school, but he was ashamed to say that, Li Jianjian said that Tang Can was not willing to play a small role. The last two people had a quarrel, and Li Jian slammed out the door angrily. Tang Can chased it out and found that Zhuang Bei was with Ling Xiao.

After seeing Tang Can, Zhuang Bei handed Tang Can the exact same necklace that Tang Can bought for his mother in front of everyone. Tang Can was sad at first, but now Zhuang Bei returned to the room angrily at the necklace. Qi Mingyue blamed Zhuang Bei, and Li Jianjian also came out and said that Zhuang Bei was not allowed to bully her friend. When Ling Xiao comforted Li Jianjian, Chen Ting called, and Chen Ting wanted to talk to Li Jianjian. In the end, Ling Xiao told Li Jianjian that he liked her in high school. If Li Jianjian got married in Singapore, he would wait for her to divorce.

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