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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 20 Recap

Master Zuo Qingluan was very disappointed in her and left without looking back. Zuo Qingluan remembered the previous Biluo Palace Master’s teaching on obedient, and Chaoge would comfort her before. Zuo Qingluan was about to leave, when someone told her, the Queen asked her to go over. Zuo Qingluan went to Saint Empress’s place and asked her how she felt . It was nothing compared to Feng Wu being taken away from Phoenix’s true blood.

The Empress came to her and said that they were all the same. Zuo Qingluan said that she was willing to serve the Empress. When Jun Linyuan returned to the room, Feng Xun coughed beside him. Jun Linyuan asked him what was going on, Feng Xun said that he and Feng Wu danced swords, frowning, what can he do. Feng Xun said that he should be careful not to be dug into the corner by Yu Mingye.

Chao Ge didn’t understand what the Master said, and asked Feng Wu if there was any good way. Feng Wu said that there was no problem and gave it to her. The colorful phoenix bird in the Feng Wu Ling Ring kept urging her, Feng Wu pretended to have a stomachache and left. When there is no one, then enter the spiritual ring space. Caifengniao said that it felt the second piece of star fragments, and it could also feel that something big was happening in the college. Zuo Qingluan was practicing sword, Yu Mingye told her not to let her hurt Feng Wu, otherwise he would not let her go.

When Chao Ge saw Xuan Yi, he made some cakes for him and let him eat some. , Xuan Yi took the pastry. Chao Ge finds Feng Wu to show that the sky is Qixi Festival, so that she can write to Jun Linyuan. After Chao Ge told her, he began to write to Xuan Yi. Yu Mingye was drinking outside alone, Mozun appeared, Yu Mingye said that he had checked the academy, and found nothing, Yu Mingye said he would beg him another day. The Demon Lord took his wine and drank a few sips, telling him that only real power can block their mouths.

Many female disciples wrote letters to Jun Linyuan, but Feng Wu saw so many people writing letters to him, so she did not write them to him. Feng Xun thought that Chaoge was for him, so he planned to meet Chaoge. Jun Linyuan was also depressed that Feng Wu had not written to him. Chao Ge is going to see brother Xuan Yi. Shengjun was reading in the room and suddenly fainted. Zuo Qingluan found Jun Linyuan and said that there was something wrong with Shengjun, and Jun Linyuan hurried back. Chao Ge was waiting for Xuan Yi, Feng Xun came, and Xuan Yi was behind her. When Xuan Yi and Chao Ge walked together, Feng Xun saw interesting things and ran away.

Qiu Ling brought clothes to Feng Wu and asked her to go out with her. Qiu Ling knew she was waiting for Jun Linyuan, and asked her that it had been a long time before Jun Linyuan came. After Dean Ning inspected Shengjun, he said that his body was not in a serious condition, perhaps because he was too tired recently. Jun Linyuan went back and sent Dean Ning out. Dean Ning told Jun Linyuan that there was weird spiritual power in the saint king, so that the spiritual power in the saint king could not condense.

Dean Ning said that as far as he knows, there is a kind of spiritual grass called San Lingcao in the Western Regions. If the spiritualist accidentally takes it, this will happen. Dean Ning said that there is no evidence now, so he can’t talk nonsense, he needs to go to the library to check the classics, and let Jun Linyuan stay by the side of the holy monarch, in case someone is against him.

The holy queen brought the slave and maid beside the holy monarch over and said that she had caused the poison in the body of the holy monarch to break out early, and the holy queen killed the slave and maid. The Saint Queen’s men told Jun Linyuan that the servant was the one who harmed the Saint, and Jun Linyuan did not believe it. The Saint Queen asked the people of the college to gather together, and the Saint Queen asked Jun Linyuan to take care of the Saint. Zuo Qingluan put the medicine on the table and left. Jun Linyuan also understood that what Zuo Qingluan really wanted was not a concubine.

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