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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 19 Recap

Zuo Qingluan was very dissatisfied with Mu Yao, and she damaged the reputation of Biluo Palace. Mu Yao said that she knew she was wrong, Zuo Qingluan asked her to reflect on it for a few days, she would solve the outside affairs, and Zuo Qingluan left. Xuan Yi was taking care of Chao Ge by the bed, and he blamed himself for failing to protect Chao Ge.

Jun Linyuan is teaching Feng Wu sword techniques, and Feng Wu is learning it seriously. Jun Linyuan said that her swordsmanship was still full of flaws, and asked her to continue practicing. Chao Ge was worried about the phoenix dance and wanted to take a look at it. Xuan Yi said he would take a look at Chaoge, and Xuan Yi let Chaoge take a good rest.

Feng Wu wore a red dress, and Wu Youdao announced the start of the game. Feng Wu fought with Zuo Qingluan, Zuo Qingluan is the Ling Zun after all, and Feng Wu has a little trouble dealing with her. She injured Zuo Qingluan with the sword technique that Jun Linyuan taught her. Zuo Qingluan used all his strength and used Bingluan to fly in the air. Feng Wu was restrained by her, and her body was slowly sealed by ice. Suddenly, a fire phoenix flew out of the Fengwu ring, defeating Bingluan, the two continued to fight each other, and Fengwu won the game.

Saint came to the college later and asked them what was going on. Zuo Qingluan said that she was not good at learning and lost the game. Feng Wu said that she had lost the true blood of the phoenix and asked the Queen to be the master. The queen said that she gave the ice bracelet to Zuo Qingluan. Jun Linyuan and neither of them believed that Zuo Qingluan had stolen the Phoenix’s true blood from Fengwu.

Jun Linyuan let them out and let Feng Wu rest well. Jun Linyuan asked them to help, saying that there must be something strange about this matter, and Xuan Yi said they would help investigate. Zuo Qingluan apologized to the Empress. The Empress asked her to show her the ice bracelet. The Empress said that as long as Feng Wu couldn’t find Phoenix’s true blood, she would not be the concubine of the Junwu clan. Zuo Qingluan went to see her master, and the master prepared her a birthday gift for the queen. Jun Linyuan found Feng Wu. Jun Linyuan said that he believed in the evidence, but he believed in Feng Wu even more. Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu enjoy the moon together.

The Queen’s birthday has arrived, and the Junwu clan has prepared a lot of programs. Chaoge is looking forward to their performances by the Phoenix Dance and Junlin. After the holy queen stood, everyone began to worship the holy queen, and the holy king asked the holy queen to sit down. Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan performed on stage, and the performance of the two of them was so beautiful that the people around them watched them with gusto.

But Zuo Qingluan was not happy in her heart, because this opportunity should have been hers. After the performance, Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu congratulated the Queen. Zuo Qingluan also brought a congratulatory gift from the Biluo Palace. The queen told the king that Zuo Qingluan and Jun Linyuan were a good match, and the king saw that the queen said that, he would make a marriage for Jun Linyuan. Jun Linyuan rushed over and said that he already had a happy girl, Feng Wu.

The Holy Queen said that Jun Linyuan must be thinking about old feelings, but the phoenix dance performance today will not be difficult to discuss marriage in the future. Jun Linyuan said that he really likes phoenix dance, and hopes that Shengjun will be perfect. Shengjun is very angry, how can it be a joke to say such a thing. Jun Linyuan said that he had already thought about this very clearly. Shengjun walked up to them, picked up the notebook, looked at the painting above, and remembered Jun Linyuan’s mother.

Shengjun asked her who painted it, and Feng Wu said she painted it. Shengjun smiled and said to Feng Wu that as long as she could retrieve the Phoenix’s true blood, she could become the concubine of King Linyuan. Jun Linyuan is very happy, thank you Shengjun for fulfillment. However, the Holy Empress and Zuo Qingluan were not so happy anymore, Feng Wu broke their plan and let Feng Wu re-enter the eyes of Shengjun.

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