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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 18 Recap

Wu Youdao called Feng Wu to the library, and Wu Youdao told Feng Wu that the second floor of the library was free for disciples to access and read classics. Wu Youdao said that you have paid attention to the phoenix dance for a long time. Even if it is inconvenient to say clearly, there must be some kind of relationship between them. Wu Youdao also said that Feng Wu was looking for something, but he couldn’t tell Feng Wu the answer. Wu Youdao gave the key to Fengwu Library and told her not to tell others, Feng Wu agreed.

Wu Youdao told Feng Wu that if she and Jun Linyuan were together, it would inevitably bring endless disasters. Feng Wu said she didn’t understand. Wu Youdao said: You are not you, he is like him. The universe of stars has long established a certain number. You must think clearly about what you want, and don’t forget the original purpose because of your children’s personal love. Feng Wu still wanted to ask, Wu Youdao had already left.

Jun Linyuan was looking for the phoenix dance everywhere, and he watched Yu Mingye drag the phoenix dance away. Feng Wu returned home and woke Chao Ge. Chao Ge told her that Jun Linyuan had been looking for her and asked Feng Wu to explain it to Jun Linyuan tomorrow. Feng Wu returned to the spiritual consciousness space and asked Caifengniao what happened. Caifengniao told her not to forget her purpose. Feng Xun found Feng Wu and wanted her to see the Queen. He also told the Queen that she would choose a man and a woman to perform double swordsmanship so that Feng Wu could compete, but Feng Wu was not interested.

After the Saint Queen came out, they were going to choose two disciples, and the male disciple was naturally Jun Linyuan. Mu Yao said that this female disciple is of course Zuo Qingluan, she has both ability and political integrity. The Queen said that Zuo Qingluan is an excellent child. If she matches Jun Linyuan, Sheng Jun will be very happy to see it. Jun Linyuan said that he had a proposal to set up a ring, and the female disciples of the academy challenged each other, and the final winner was the performer. After the Saints, they felt that what Jun Linyuan said was reasonable, so they agreed to follow the method of Jun Linyuan.

Master Zhao filed a complaint with Wu Youdao that Feng Wu was so stubborn that he must report to Dean Ning and remove her from Junwu Academy. Wu Youdao told him not to rush, talking about the test paper results of this exam. Wu Youdao took out an examination paper for Master Zhao to take a look at.

Master Zhao took it and said that this examination paper was the most insightful among the disciples, but he did not know who wrote it. Wu Youdao said that this was the stubborn phoenix dance he just mentioned, Master Zhao couldn’t believe it. Jun Linyuan was absent-minded, Xuan Yi asked him what was going on. Jun Linyuan said that he hoped that Feng Wu could be selected as a performer, so that she could be a little more relaxed about Lingfei, but recently, Feng Wu has been inexplicably alienated from her.

Xuan Yi asked Jun Linyuan to ask directly, but the girl’s mind was uncertain. Chao Ge asked Feng Wu what she thought about the performance, and Feng Wu said he had no ideas. Chao Ge said that the phoenix dance should still be fought, so that it can be worthy of Jun Linyuan. Feng Wu let her go to sleep, and Jun Linyuan was listening outside the room.

Mu Yao looked for Chaoge’s trouble again and said a lot of bad things to Chaoge and Fengwu. Chaoge was irritated by her and slapped her, but Mu Yao fainted. Xuan Yi rushed over to hold Chaoge and was very angry at Mu Yao’s behavior. Xuan Yi said that if Chaoge had three long and two shortcomings, she would definitely not let her go.

Feng Xun told Feng Wu that there was something wrong with Chaoge, and Mu Yao was questioned by several teachers from Junwu College. Mu Yao was fined to face the wall for seven days. Feng Wu said that she couldn’t let her disciple off easily this time, and she decided to take part in the competition and compete with Zuo Qingluan. Jun Linyuan took Feng Wu to a place, and Jun Linyuan gave Feng Wu a sword, and wanted Feng Wu to fight Zuo Qingluan.

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