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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 17 Recap

Jun Linyuan brought Feng Xun and Xuan Yi to Junwu Academy, and the female disciples around were attracted by them. Feng Xun and the others saw a group of people in front of them. They didn’t know what happened, and they walked over to Jun Linyuan. Feng Wu said to Mu Yao: You said it at the beginning. When I was admitted to Junwu Academy, you called me something. Wouldn’t you deny it? Zuo Qingluan came over to speak for Mu Yao, or else Just forget about it, it’s a joke, why take it seriously. Feng Wu said that Zuo Qingluan had helped her in Border City.

Since she had said this, she shouldn’t have refused. But today it’s useless for anyone to intercede for Mu Yao, everyone is responsible for what they do, and Mu Yao wants to murder her when she tries. Zuo Qingluan said that Mu Yao had done something wrong before. I apologized for her. Now everyone is enrolling together, why bother to be aggressive. Zuo Qingluan saw Jun Linyuan coming, and asked her if it was appropriate to do so. Jun Linyuan said that he is not a party, but since there is an appointment, he should fulfill it.

If Feng Wu loses today, I guess you won’t let her off easily. Yu Mingye also came out, and attacked Zuo Qingluan, saying a few words made herself feel wronged. Mu Yao had no choice but to bow her head to Feng Wu and call her father to Feng Wu.

Feng Wu and the others started to teach, and Master Zhao started to give them general lessons. After class was over, Jun Linyuan handed her the Bishui Jingtian bottle, but he also told her not to doze off in class. Jun Linyuan brought osmanthus cake to Feng Wu, and Feng Wu ate it with satisfaction. The bell rang, and the lunch class started, Mozun was telling Yu Mingye that Mu Jiuzhou might be awakened, and let Yu Mingye investigate at Junwu Academy.

The master was giving a lecture and found that his ruler was missing. He asked the students if he saw the ruler. Feng Wu saw the ruler next to her seat and told the master, but the master asked her why she took the ruler. Feng Wu explained that she didn’t take it, and the old master said that she should be disciplined.

Master Zhao asked Feng Wu to use spiritual power to turn the ice into the class. Wu Youdao was sweeping the floor in the library, Yu Mingye was on the roof, Wu Youdao found out, Yu Mingye left. Chao Ge was beating Feng Wu on the back, and Feng Wu said that she must let Mu Yao know how good she is, and dare not cause trouble. Chao Ge brought the food box to Xuan Yi and the others, and took out the cakes Feng Wu taught her to make. Xuan Yi ate a piece, and Feng Xun said it was late, and left with Xuan Yi. Jun Linyuan went to Shengjun, and the Queen asked him how he was at Junwu Academy, there is a Xinyi girl.

Jun Linyuan said that this matter would not bother the holy queen, but the holy queen said that Jun Linyuan thought she was not worthy to choose the concubine for the son. Shengjun put down the book and said: What is unworthy of this, this gentleman feels that the Queen’s handling of everything for so many years is meticulous. This matter is left to the Saint Empress. Jun Linyuan is not too young, so it’s better to decide on the selection of Ling Fei as soon as possible. Jun Linyuan knelt down and said no, the holy monarch asked Jun Linyuan to punish him for an hour, and Jun Linyuan went out.

Master Zhao is giving a lecture, Feng Wu and Mu Yao are eyeing, the master asks Mu Yao to answer questions, but Mu Yao doesn’t know what the problem is and is called out by Master Zhao to receive the punishment. Jun Linyuan was taken to Tongtiantai and was punished. Tongtiantai flashed and thundered. Jun Linyuan walked up with difficulty step by step, and then knelt on Tongtiantai. Feng Wu finished class, Wu Youdao stopped her. Yu Mingye reported to Mozun that he had gone to the library, but was discovered by Wu Youdao. Yu Mingye said that if he finds Mu Jiuzhou, he must be killed. Demon Lord said that if he is still alive, you are not his opponent, and Mu Jiuzhou is the only person who is convinced by Demon Lord.

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