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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 36 End Recap

The four masters on Yunshang completed the palace exam, and returned to the school, the dean of Feng brought the students to congratulate them. Mu Xiaoman found him in the house that Han Shengzhi bought. Han Shengzhi was buying drunk again. Mu Xiaoman cheered him up. She believed that Han Shengzhi was not a coward and would give her a home in the future and would protect her. Han Shengzhi hugged Mu Xiaoman and cried silently, but decided to treat her well and not disappoint her in the future.

Feng Chengjun and Xue Wenxi have already voted for friendship with each other, and they mixed their oil during their school days. Feng Chengjun and Wen Xi read together but couldn’t stand it. They kept looking at Wen Xi. Wen Xi asked him to study hard and would reward him. The second Tianwen Xi put on her daughter’s costume, and patted Feng Chengjun with a mask. Feng Chengjun didn’t come out and only bowed slightly.

Wen Xi shouted and took off the veil. Feng Chengjun was surprised by Wen Xi’s face, and the two went shopping together. When they went to the jewelry store, Feng Chengjun said she wanted to buy whatever she liked. Wen Xi said she wasted money and found a hairpin that she liked very much. But the shopkeeper came to Wen Xi and took refuge.

Feng Chengjun said to buy it. Wen Xi said no. Bought and ran away. Feng Chengjun catches up, Wen Xi blames him for not buying the hairpin he likes. Feng Chengjun says that Bindi will not be like this. He likes Bindi. Wen Xi said solemnly that she wanted Feng Chengjun’s heart. He was Xue Wenxi not Wenbin. Feng Chengjun said that she had suffered before and would take good care of her in the future.

Lei Zexin held the hairpin in a trance, and saw the two happily fighting, and finally decided to bury the relationship. Yu Lexuan told Senior Brother Wen Xi to give her a gift, and then took out a fan to give her. When they left, Wen Xi found that Yu Lexuan was holding a hairpin with the word “book” engraved on it. Yu Lexuan said she was her favorite woman It was in the name. After the two left, Feng Chengjun said that fortunately, it was not the word “wen”.

After a lot of hard work, Feng Chengjun, Xue Wenxi, Lei Zexin and Yu Lexuan succeeded in their official careers. Dean Feng and the others gathered together to congratulate the students who had become official. The students are also very grateful to Feng Chengjun and Wen Xi, who let them abandon the notion of family status. Mr. Ding told Dean Feng that Master Wang was going to invite him to the court, and he fulfilled Dean Feng’s wish for many years. But Dean Feng still refused. He said he wanted to stay in Yunshang School to continue his studies and live a happy life with his students.

Lei Zexin ran out to drink boring wine alone, and Wen Xi came over to chat with him. Lei Zexin asked Feng Chengjun where he had gone. Wen Xi said that Feng Chengjun went to the state government to investigate the case of Feng Jichang’s bribery. Lei Zexin felt that it was caused by his inadequate consideration. Lei Zexin asked Xue Wenxi if Feng Chengjun really wanted to follow her like a stalker. Xue Wenxi said he would go to the mountainous area for a year, and the court sent another task a year later. Lei Zexin made Wen Xi remember that he was her family, and if someone bullied her, he would help beat others.

Feng Chengjun, Xue Wenxi, Lei Zexin and Yu Lexuan came to the pub to drink. Feng Chengjun told Xue Wenxi to drink less. Lei Zexin said that girls should drink less. They accidentally exposed, Yu Lexuan. I didn’t expect that the first person to get drunk today turned out to be Lei Zexin, the most drunkard. Then Yu Lexuan smiled and said how long the three of them planned to keep the matter secret, and he took a lot of effort to cover up Xue Wenxi’s identity. Wen Xi asked them how they knew, and Feng Chengjun followed suit, but the two fell to the ground pretending to be drunk.

Xue Wenbin patrolled the street and was very close to the people. Mr. Ding and Master Wang walked over and said that they had heard a lot of news about him along the way, saying that he loved the people like a son and managed the place very well. Xue Wenbin thought he was just trying to do it. Everything I do takes the suffering of the people as suffering and the happiness of the people as happiness. Wenbin is busy first. Master Wang asked Wenbin that Wenbin had changed a lot. Master Wang said that it will remain the same in the future, don’t know what should not be known to him.

Feng Chengjun was named Yunzhou Governor, and they went to the Women’s School together. Only then did Han Shumin know Wen Xi’s identity as a woman, and thank her for her help so that more women have the opportunity to learn. Lei Zexin and Yu Lexuan went to find their ideals, and Xue Wenxi and Feng Chengjun also got married smoothly, with a happy ending.

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