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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 35 Recap

At this time, all the escorts were killed. Thanks to Mu Xiaoman and Lei Zexin who came to rescue Xue Wenxi, Lei Zexin asked Mu Xiaoman to take Wenxi away first, but Mu Xiaoman was injured. Xiao Man asked Wen Xi to leave quickly. Wen Xi said that when they were their goal, Xiao Man said that they wanted to get angry together. Then Wen Xi confessed that she was actually a woman. Xiao Man was shocked when he heard it, and then he understood why Wen Xi said that they would never be together and kept hiding from Xiaoman.

At this time the killer chased, Wen Xi blocked the knife for Xiao Man and was injured, Han Shengzhi and Feng Chengjun finally came to take them away. Only then did Lei Zexin know that the other black-clothed fan who handed out flyers was Mu Xiaoman. Feng Chengjun treated Xue Wenxi and confessed that he knew Xue Wenxi was a woman. Here Lei Zexin and Yu Lexuan also came back, telling them that Han Zhengliang was looking for his mother and family. Yu Lexuan believed that the most urgent task now was to let Xue Wenxi see Master Wang, so as to prove her innocence.

Lei Qiying personally escorted Xue Wenxi to see Master Wang. Mr. Ding also told Master Wang that Xue Wenxi’s true identity was Xue Dingkun’s son, but did not reveal Wen Xi’s true identity. Feng Chengjun and others met Master Wang, Lei Zexin confessed that he had nothing to do with others. Master Wang did not blame Lei Zexin, but praised him for being a man of love and righteousness. Master Wang had already read about the content of banned books. He felt that there was nothing wrong with him. On the contrary, some suggestions were far-reaching and worthy of promotion. Yu Lexuan said that since it is guilty to distribute leaflets, it is also guilty to keep banned books private. When everyone asked what was happening, Yu Lexuan said that the banned book he gave to Wen Xi at the time of enrollment was stolen from home by Han Shengzhi. As long as they prove that Han Fu also hid the banned book, they would have a chance of victory.

Feng Chengjun and others went to Han Mansion and said that they wanted to thank Han Shengzhi for taking care of them recently. Han Mu brought them in. On the way, Feng Chengjun met Han Shumin. Feng Chengjun apologized to Han Shumin again, and Han Shumin said thank Feng Chengjun for treating him frankly. Afterwards, their cousins ​​found the banned book in Han Mansion.

They hurriedly came to find Master Wang and forced Han Zhengliang to lift the ban on books. Xue Wenxi was also acquitted. Master Wang called them to the front and said that because the noble family had lifted the ban on books, the court would no longer pursue the case of Xue Dingkun that year. Master Wang asked them who was Xue Dingkun’s son, and Wen Xi stood up and asked Master Wang what his father was like. Master Wang said that back then, Xue Dingkun was a man with great ambitions, who was upright and daring to take responsibility for the country and the people.

At that time, Xue Dingkun advocated that nobles, commoners, and women all enjoy the same education in teaching. This move was supported by many nobles and common people. But later, the memorial he presented to the king did not match some of his remarks, and he was quite suspicious of treason, which led to the murder. Xue Wenxi urged Master Wang that all those who died with hatred with Xue Dingkun should receive a fair trial. Master Wang said that this time he played your majesty, and allowed them to investigate the case of the year and let four people find out the matter.

Feng Chengjun approached his father, Feng Jichang, and asked what happened back then. Feng Jichang said if the truth would make others head down, would he still investigate. Feng Chengjun said that he had decided to thoroughly investigate this matter, and if there were any consequences, he would bear it himself. Lei Zexin carried the portrait to investigate Ke Shijun, and then Gu Zheyuan gave him the address. Lei Zexin found Ke Shijun, and Ke Shijun also admitted that he secretly changed the memorial back then. Several people brought personal evidence to Master Wang. Ke Shijun confessed that it was Han Zhengliang who used his family to threaten him. He forced to change the paperwork. Feng Jichang also took Han Zhengliang’s evidence of corruption and bribery made by Han Zhengliang. Han Zhengliang pleaded guilty. The case of Xue Dingkun came to the fore. Feng Jichang found Master Wang and believed that the case of Xue Dingkun was due to his negligence.

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