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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 34 Recap

Han Shumin begged Han Zhengliang to release Feng Chengjun at home, saying that he knew his character, and he certainly did not do this. Han Zhengliang said that regardless of whether he was or not, because Feng Chengjun turned back and made them laugh at the Han family, he would not let Feng Chengjun go. Han Shumin said he was avenging his personal vengeance and was slapped by Han Zhengliang. Xue Wenxi was worried that Feng Chengjun was going to see him. Yu Lexuan stopped Wen Xi and said that Feng Chengjun would be fine.

The conviction requires evidence. Feng Chengjun has always stayed away from right and wrong. As long as there is no evidence, he must be released. Wen Xi said that he was afraid that Han Zhengliang would deduct the evidence. Yu Lexuan said that it would take time. Don’t let Feng Chengjun’s efforts be wasted. Wen Xi would easily be caught by Han Zhengliang when he went to see him, so that they would lose all previous efforts.

When Lei Zexin woke up to hear Feng Chengjun’s condemnation, he wanted to get up and surrender. Yu Lexuan and Wen Xi persuaded him to take care of his injuries first. Lei Zexin said that he had what they wanted and that he would be fine. He also thought about it carefully. The person who was assassinated last night should be Han Zhengliang’s. He was silenced again, and besides himself, a man in black was also posting flyers, and was seriously injured last night. Dean Feng summoned all the students and said that Han Zhengliang, as a driver of the Yunzhou Capital Governor’s Mansion, suspected that Yunshang School had a suspect before the truth was found, and even hurt Yunshang students. This not only violated His Majesty’s order, but also insulted.

For the students who are most valued by Master Wang, Dean Feng called on everyone to unite and resist Han Zhengliang’s deeds. The students all agreed, and joined the official’s family to write a letter together. Han Shengxiong said that he was sorry that his uncle had done such a thing, but he was the Han family and was sorry that he could not write, so he left. Gu Ziming left in a panic when he heard that his father was injured. Dean Feng said that he had investigated and found that Feng Chengjun did not assassinate Gu Zheyuan. He was innocent. At this time, Mo Xiaohuan stood up and said that he could ask his grandfather for help. It turns out that his family is the founding hero Mo family, and his grandfather is Mo. Sir Alex.

Xue Wenxi decided to commit the crime for Feng Chengjun and surrendered to the government by imitating the same handwriting as on the flyer. Han Zhengliang pointed out that as soon as the flyers were taller and shorter, Xue Wenxi was imprisoned. After Lei Zexin knew that Feng Chengjun and Wen Xi had committed the crime for himself, he wanted to surrender to the government and was stopped by Yu Lexuan. Yu Lexuan said not to let their efforts in vain, Lei Zexin said that he was very happy to have their friends, but he must solve this matter by himself.

Lei Zexin found his master, Mr. Liu, and thanked him for helping him all the time. Mr. Liu said that his father Lei Qiying was the one who saved him that night. Lei Zexin rushed back to ask his father the truth about what happened back then. Lei Qiying said that he had been investigating for so many years.

Lei Zexin asked why he broke off with his brother. Lei Qiying said this was what Lei Zexun meant. When Master Xue Dingkun was arrested, he tried everything he could to save Lei Zexun, but Lei Zexun was still worried that he would be held accountable by the government and his family would be affected. In order to protect his family’s safety, he could only force his father and him. Sever the relationship. Lei Zexin said that it was all his own fault. He had misunderstood his father for so many years and let him bear it alone. He vowed to never let Lei Qiying down again in the future, but now he is going to face his own mistakes, Lei Qiying He told him to wait to get something by himself, and locked Lei Zexin in the room when he went out.

Then Lei Qiying went to Yu Lexuan to understand the situation and learned that the murderer had an old scar on the back of his hand. I went to Gu Zheyuan to verify and confirmed that the assassin had scars on his hands. Lei Qiying said that the person should be Xu Wei, and Gu Zheyuan said why Xu Wei wanted to kill him. He suddenly understood what was given by Han Zhengliang.

Master Wang took out the testimony that he met Mr. Xuetang and his students, proving that Feng Chengjun had been in the school that night and had not gone out, and he learned that the back of the assassin was injured, and Feng Chengjun did not. Han Zhengliang said it was his own recklessness. At that time, he just heard him surrender and didn’t go into it, so he let Feng Chengjun go. Master Wang said Wen Xi had also surrendered. Why didn’t he send it to the prefecture and let him interrogate him personally.

Han Zhengliang arranged for the killer to kill Wen Xi on the way to the prefecture, and they were already on the road when Feng Chengjun came the next day. Mu Xiaoman also left Han Shengzhi’s house, disappearing.

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