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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 33 Recap

Feng Chengjun bid farewell to Han Shumin and returned to the banquet, when Wen Xi was already drunk and pulled Mo Xiaohuan to continue drinking. Feng Chengjun left Han Mansion with Wen Xi on his back. On the way, Feng Chengjun told Wen Xi that he had clarified with Han Shumin, and they officially broke off the marriage contract. The next day Wen Xi woke up and couldn’t remember what happened yesterday. Feng Chengjun told her that she was a sweetheart again and would not marry Han Shumin in the future. Wen Xi said Feng Chengjun felt like a change, and Feng Chengjun asked her why. Caring about his feelings, Wen Xi said she could not leave, but Feng Chengjun was very happy.

Here, Han Shumin is depressed. Mother Han brought her servant to choose her wedding dress. As a result, Han Shumin said that it was impossible for her to be with Feng Chengjun. This happened to be heard by Han Zhengliang. He furiously said that he would let Fengjia Pay the price. There were a series of homicides in Yunzhou, and many people on the ledger had been killed. Wang Shi was appointed as a special envoy to investigate the case.

In the evening, Gu Zheyuan took Habayashi guards on patrol and was attacked by men in black because they were asked to pretend that civilians were not armed. Gu Zheyuan was stabbed. This is when Lei Zexin appeared to repel the men in black. A man in black appeared and the three of them quickly fought. The man in black who stabbed Gu Zheyuan saw Han Zhengliang when he ran away, and realized that he was caught. The soldiers in ambush received Han Zhengliang’s order to release arrows. Xu Wei died on the spot, Lei Zexin and Mu Xiaoman were seriously injured and escaped. Cloud School.

In the dormitory, Yu Lexuan invited Feng Chengjun and Xue Wenxi to watch the moon together, but learned that Xue Wenxi had gone to watch the moon alone, and Yu Lexuan took Feng Chengjun to watch the moon together. Who knows that Wen Xi is still angry because Feng Chengjun has a sweetheart. At this time, he heard the movement from the corner, it turned out that another person in black was Mu Xiaoman. Wen Xi helped Mu Xiaoman to the miscellaneous room and told him not to make a noise to go to Fuzetang for medicine. .

At the same time, Feng Chengjun and Yu Lexuan also found the injured Lei Zexin, and the two blocked Lei Zexin to accept the inquiry of the officers and soldiers. At this time, Mr. Liu came forward and said that he was practicing kung fu and asked Feng Chengjun and the others to go back quickly. Only then did Feng Chengjun know that Lei Zexin was the important criminal that the government had always wanted. Han Zhengliang said that he wanted to arrest and stabbed Gu Zheyuan and the murderer who had taken many lives and went to school. Wen Xi found Han Shengzhi at the banquet and took him to the miscellaneous room. He said that his father was searching the Yunshang School and said he wanted to find the man in black.

Han Shengzhi said that if he was at ease, let him take Mu Xiaoman away. Wen Xi said that he rest assured. Han Shengzhi left with Mu Xiaoman, Wen Xi went to find Han Shengxiong and the others, but Yu Linwei asked the students to undress in public to check the wounds. The students all protested. Mo Xiaohuan rushed forward and said that his dignity had been violated. As a result, Yu Linwei beat Mo Xiaohuan together, and the students surrounded him. Xue Wenxi slid back to the dormitory in the chaos and saw the injured Lei Zexin. He said that Yu Linwei was searching individually. Just after he finished speaking, Yu Linwei’s voice came from outside the door. At this time, the three gentlemen and Dean Feng came to stop them, saying that this was Feng Cishi’s son’s room. Habayashi refused to persuade him to break in, and Mr. Liu and Li Hu stepped forward to stop it. Feng Chengjun said that they would be dangerous if they didn’t come forward to the three gentlemen, but they couldn’t let them discover that Lei Zexin was in black.

Yu Lexuan decided to pretend to be a wanted criminal and was stopped by Xue Wenxi. Wen Xi said that Lei Zexin first distributed the flyer on the night of the entrance ceremony. That night, Yu Lexuan was in the school all night. Exposed, Xue Wenxi was going to go by herself, Yu Lexuan and Feng Chengjun said in unison. Feng Chengjun said that Yu Linwei would ask them to take off their clothes to check the wounds, and Wen Xi hesitated. Feng Chengjun said it was better to go by himself, he was the most suitable person, and Wen Xi disagreed that they must have another way. Feng Chengjun thought that there was no other way, put on Lei Zexin’s night clothes, walked out with the book of 4D in the medicine box and admitted that he was the man in black.

Feng Chengjun was brought to Han Zhengliang, and Dean Feng spoke for Feng Chengjun, saying that he would certainly not spread rumors because of his good character and academics. But Feng Chengjun personally admitted that he is one person who does everything. And he had not only physical evidence but also personal evidence. Lin Bingshen and Gu Ziming saw him sneak into the Han Mansion on the night of the entrance ceremony. Han Zhengliang asked them to bring them over. They admitted that they saw Feng Chengjun, but did not see him distributing banned books. Han Zhengliang said that Feng Chengjun should be locked up first, and it would not make him feel better in public or private.

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