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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 32 Recap

Han Shengzhi asked Yu Lexuan if he hated herself. Yu Lexuan said that although Han Shengzhi sometimes used emotions, he still had a lot of admiration in his body, and told Han Shengzhi that the real strength does not need to be proved by someone, but What can be endured, I hope Han Shengzhi can put aside his personal grievances and become a selfless master. Only when Yunshang Academy is strong as a whole, Han Shengzhi can be the strongest person, rather than being stronger than a certain person.

Dean Feng called Feng Chengjun, Xue Wenxi, and Han Shengzhi together, saying that the school was about to hold a championship contest. The registered contestants formed a team of two through a lottery and found one within the specified range. The map is divided into two, with the exact location of the gongs and drums, and whoever finds it first wins. Wen Xi said he couldn’t do it if he needed physical work. Han Shengzhi said that the champion would be rewarded with one hundred character points, and Dean Feng said that there was still one thousand dollars and the champion group didn’t need an exam to directly enter the palace exam.

Wen Xi immediately said that he wanted to sign up, and Han Shengzhi said if he was sure, he would reserve a place for him. After the draw, Han Shengzhi and Xue Wenxi were in a group, Lei Zexin and Feng Chengjun, Yu Lexuan and Mo Xiaohuan, Han Shengzhi and Xue Wenxi were relieved of their previous suspicions, and they got along well with the students. Everyone’s atmosphere became better. Come the better, train hard for the championship.

Mr. Ding probed around with a portrait of Li Hu in Li Village and ran into his old friend Qin Beichuan. It turned out that the two had known each other a long time ago. Mr. Ding asked Qin Beichuan why his memorial had become a ban. Qin Beichuan said that he, Li Hu, Ke Shijun and two other people were guarding him at the time. As a result, he had a sudden illness that day and Li Hu brought him Tell him to see a doctor. Mr. Ding said that Li Hu and Ke Shijun are very suspicion. Qin Beichuan said that Li Hu was a member of Lijia Village, so he came to investigate. Mr. Ding said that he also came to investigate a person, but there was no Li Village in Yunguo and he had to visit Li Village. When Mr. Qin saw Li Hu’s portrait, he was surprised to tell Mr. Ding that this was Li Hu. Mr. Ding guessed that if Li Hu was not the murderer who framed Xue Dingkun back then, his purpose was to take revenge, and immediately rode back to the school.

The championship contest started, Lei Zexin, Han Shengzhi and Feng Chengjun were assigned to the first district, and several people were knocked out while looking for clues. As soon as Wen Xi found a clue, he saw Mr. Ding walking away, and then he saw Mr. Li Hu digging a hole. Mr. Ding called out his real name: Li Hu. Li Hu was originally Xue Dingkun’s proud disciple. In order to avenge anonymity, he found out that the murderers were Han Zhengliang, Feng Jichang and Lei Qiying, and wanted to avenge Xue Dingkun in this championship contest. Mr. Ding believed that this incident was not so simple back then. He persuaded Li Hu to stop as soon as possible.

Since justice is to be done, he must distinguish right from wrong and cannot reproduce tragedy. Mr. Ding also said that he met Qin Beichuan today. He said that Feng Jichang didn’t know it. Li Hu said that Han Zhengliang and Lei Qiying must be guilty. Mr. Ding said that Lei Qiying was not guilty. Dingkun’s wife and children, and told him that Xue Wenxi was Xue Dingkun’s child. The conversation between the two was heard by Xue Wenxi. Wen Xi walked out and asked Mr. Ding and Li Hu what happened when they arrived. Mr. Ding and Li Hu told the truth. Mr. Ding advised Xue Wenxi to study at ease first, and everything waited until he became an official. Planning afterwards.

Here Mr. Ding and Li Hu brought the three back to the school. The champions were two unknown students. Because all three of them were knocked out, Mr. Ding said that this was to test their resilience. Mo Xiaohuan said that this was too much. Lei Zexin woke up and told Mr. Ding that Li Hu was a man in black. Mr. Ding said he already knew and hoped that Lei Zexin would keep it secret. Li Hu said that he and Lei Zexin’s brother Lei Zexun were classmates. It is to avenge the things of the year.

Han Shengzhi invited Feng Chengjun and others to his house for a party, and also invited Mu Xiaoman. Han Zhengliang was very upset when he saw the list of invitations, and Han Shumin also persuaded his brother to have a clear distinction between public and private. At the banquet, Han Shengzhi drank with everyone, and told Feng Chengjun that his sister had prepared the food and drinks, and waited for him to explain. Han Shengzhi also toasted Wen Xi and blessed Xue Wenxi and Mu Xiaoman, hoping that he could give Mu Xiaoman happiness.

Xue Wenxi advised Han Shengzhi that if she really liked Mu Xiaoman, she should be brave to pursue instead of being modest. Han Shengzhi laughed and turned to look at Mu Xiaoman. He didn’t expect Xiao Man to also lower his head and smile at him. Han Shengzhi mumbled to himself whether Xiao Man smiled at him, and secretly decided to continue pursuing Mu Xiaoman. Han Shumin asked Feng Chengjun to meet. Feng Chengjun didn’t want to go against her heart, and confessed to Han Shumin, hoping that they could dissolve the marriage contract. Han Shumin was very sad when he heard that, and frantically stuffed his mouth with food.

Han Zhengliang has been asking Xu Wei to find Ke Shijun’s whereabouts, but he has never appeared since Ke Shijun was injured. Xu Wei said that the short man in black often distributes the contents of some ledger lists and 4D books. Han Zhengliang originally wanted to use a small black man. Yi Ren led Ke Shijun, and now it seems that they are indeed not a group. Han Zhengliang gave him a note. Xu Wei was shocked when he saw it. Han Zhengliang said that if he died, his position would be Xu Wei’s.

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