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In A Class of Her Own 云上学堂 Episode 31 Recap

Han Zhengliang asked Feng Jichang why he was so depressed that the two families were about to form a family. Feng Jichang said that some people recently issued a small leaflet saying that they had taken bribes and corruption, and the evidence seemed to come from a person named Gu Dachao. He was wondering whether he would personally interrogate Dachao, and Han Zhengliang said that this was not appropriate, which would be tantamount to telling the people that he had a guilty conscience, and it was better to leave this matter to him to solve.

After all, the two will get married right away, and he will definitely protect her, Feng Jichang agreed. Xue Wenxi asked Yu Lexuan for help to get Feng Chengjun out. Yu Lexuan asked him why he didn’t make an appointment by herself. Wen Xi said Feng Chengjun would definitely avoid him. Yu Lexuan agreed, but told Wen Xi that he had a heart attack, so he needed to think about it. In the evening, Wen Xi came to the alley first and saw a beggar begging for food, so she gave him all the money she had, but she turned around and kidnapped. The beggar hid in the corner in fear.

At this time, Feng Chengjun came over and found that there was no one in the alley. He found the beggar. The beggar said that he had not seen anything. Feng Chengjun asked him to tell the truth. The beggar said that the little brother was kidnapped. Into the sedan chair. Feng Chengjun hurriedly asked passers-by to find the whereabouts of the sedan chair. At the door of a house, Feng Chengjun found a group of people guarding him and hurriedly slipped to the back. At this time in the room, Gu Dachao discovered that Wenbin was the little lady, and threatened him to hand over the account books, or the woman would pretend to be a man and go to the Yunshang School to deceive the emperor.

Feng Chengjun heard this outside and was about to go in to save Wen Xi. A man in black appeared and killed Gu Dachao and his men. He was about to act on Wen Xi. Feng Chengjun broke in and blocked him. The man in black saw Feng Chengjun coming and ran away.

It turns out that the man in black was sent by Han Zhengliang to kill the man in black who was sending out flyers by Gu Dachao. Feng Chengjun sent Xue Wenxi back to the school, and Feng Chengjun assured Xue Wenxi that he would never avoid her again. The next day, Han Shumin ran past Feng Chengjun’s door, disguised as a cousin, but Feng Chengjun recognized that Cheng Xue Wenxi had followed her and hugged her. Han Shumin turned her head shyly, and Feng Chengjun was surprised. . After Feng Chengjun went back, he told Feng Jichang that he didn’t want to marry Han Shumin. Feng Jichang told him not to tell anyone about it. The Han family’s marriage is not something that can be retired by retiring. Wait until he thinks of a strategy that has the best of both worlds. .

In the evening, Feng Chengjun and the others were on their way back to the dormitory, and saw Han Shengzhi who was drinking too much being beaten by the gangsters, so they went up to help him out. Han Shengzhi kept calling Xiao Man, he was not a coward. Wen Xi realized that Xuezhang really cared about Mu Xiaoman, because he was sad for so long because of his words. When Han Shengzhi saw Feng Chengjun, he called him his brother-in-law. Wen Xi lamented that it is very pitiful to love one person but not get the other’s heart. Feng Chengjun thinks that two people can be happy if they love each other, and such things as feelings are reluctant. Come.

Wen Xi felt that Han Shengzhi still had a place in Mu Xiaoman’s heart, and it was not wishful thinking. Xue Wenxi believed that he was responsible for this matter. Had it not been for Mu Xiaoman’s self-willedness, Han Shengzhi would not target her, nor would he lose his prestige in front of the students again and again. Feng Chengjun thinks that this is also his own will, but it is indeed not the case. Wen Xi asked Yu Lexuan to persuade the people in charge of the council so that everyone would stop neglecting Han Shengzhi. He was also a member of the council, and Yu Lexuan agreed.

The next day Han Shengzhi woke up from the bed, thinking that Lin Bingshen, Han Shengxiong, and Gu Ziming had been good, and his emotions surged for a while. At this time, Yu Lexuan showed up with them, and the four of them greeted him, saying that if you have anything to do in the future, even if you order them, Han Shengzhi is still their master. Han Shengzhi said that they don’t need to sympathize with him, and Yu Lexuan told him not to shed their blood all at once, and Wen Xi’s wound was bandaged for him. Han Shengzhi looked at the bandage on his hand and was lost in thought.

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