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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 26 Recap

Wuzhiqi trapped the purple fox in the vineyard, and the two of them stayed for hundreds of years without knowing it. The purple fox drew for five hundred years of cultivation and turned into a beautiful woman. The purple fox woke Wuzhiqi, but Wuzhiqi did not recognize the purple fox. But Wuzhiqi said that the purple fox is still beautiful and fluffy. At that time, a friend of the Asura clan asked him to be the left envoy of the Demon Realm. Wu Zhiqi was captured by the Heaven Realm and trapped by the Heaven Realm. Zihu said that she must rescue Wuzhiqi, and Chu Xuanji said that their relationship is much better than the relationship between the Eastern Island owner and Qing Rong. Chu Xuanji wanted to know what was the relationship between the God of War in the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations and her.

Chu Xuanji and the others started on the road, and the purple fox was still looking for the whereabouts of Ting Nu. Ruoyu said that Liu Yihuan had opened the eyes of the sky, and he could find Ting Slave. But Zihu didn’t know Liu Yihuan, or the smell of him. Yu Sifeng remembered what Liu Yihuan had left, and let the purple fox smell it. They found Liu Yihuan, they asked Yu’er, and told Liu Yihuan that he wanted to stay in Tianxu Hall. Yu Sifeng said that it was a matter of business and wanted Liu Yihuan to open his eyes to search for Ting Nu’s whereabouts, but Liu Yihuan said that he had opened his eyes a few days ago and could not open it for a short time. Liu Yihuan asked them to stay with him for a few days first, and then he tried to find the whereabouts of Ting Nu.

Liu Yihuan was kidnapped by Wutong because of Yu’er. Wutong asked Liu Yihuan to do one thing, take the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations, let Chu Xuanji take a photo, and stimulate the power of God of War in Chu Xuanji. Liu Yihuan didn’t want to agree, but Wu Tong tortured Yuer, and Liu Yihuan agreed. The people in Tianxu Hall let Liu Yihuan act quickly.

Liu Yihuan called Yu Sifeng and the others, saying that he felt the position of Tingnu. Liu Yihuan took them to Guantingnu’s place. Yu Sifeng felt something was wrong, and they went in. The purple fox found Tingnu’s spirit beast Dangkang, and Dangkang told them that Tingnu was locked in a secret room and wanted to take them to find Tingnu. When they came to a room, Liu Yihuan stepped on the formation secretly and was trapped. Yu Sifeng, Chu Xuanji, and the purple fox found the imprisoned Ting Slave. Ting Slave was trapped by a mirror of a thousand calamities and eight desolations.

At this time, the mirror of Chu Xuanji and them merged with the mirror of a thousand calamities and eight desolations. Together. The three of them were sucked into the mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations. Chu Xuanji and Yu Sifeng were together, but the purple fox was gone. Si Ming found Hao Chen and said that the god of war’s life pillar had been shaken again, and I was afraid that Chu Xuanji had already entered the mirror. Hao Chen asked Si Ming where Chu Xuanji was. Si Ming said that he could not know about things in the world, but he told Haochen that Chu Xuanji and the others watched the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations will attract the sky thunder, and let him follow this information to track down. .

There were many fragments around Chu Xuanji and them, and a picture appeared in front of Chu Xuanji and them, and the God of War inside was exactly the same as Chu Xuanji. Someone announced an order to the God of War, letting the God of War lead the battle. Looking at these pictures, Chu Xuanji thought of the war between the heavens and the demons a thousand years ago. In the screen, Ting Nu appeared, fearing that the injuries of the God of War would increase.

The God of War went to see King Shura. But Chu Xuanji and the others couldn’t see the screen. Chu Xuanji wanted to look closer, but was blocked by other things. The screen reappeared, and the God of War went to find Emperor Bo Lin, wanting to ask for more information. The God of War was used by the heavens to kill people who shouldn’t be killed, and also to condemn her. Yu Sifeng also saw him in the picture, and he appeared in the picture together with Chu Xuanji. When Yu Sifeng looked at the screen, he seemed to remember something, and called Chu Xuanji not to go.

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