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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 25 Recap

Lu Yanran held the rice fruit that Chu Xuanji gave her, feeling glum. When he accidentally bumped into Ruoyu, he was about to leave, remembering that Yu Sifeng said he wanted to thank the people who helped her, so he gave the rice fruit to Ruoyu. Ruoyu looked at Mi Guozi in the room, thinking about her previous desire for her sister. His sister was controlled by the deputy palace lord. Zhong Minyan was feeding Chu Linglong soup, but she couldn’t drink it at all. Yu Sifeng came in and told them that it was because the soul was separated from the body for too long.

Chu Xuanji and the others knew the seriousness of the matter and wanted to go to Bu Zhoushan to rescue Chu Linglong’s soul immediately. But they didn’t know the place of Fuzhou Mountain. Yu Sifeng said that he might find it if he kept looking westward. They were about to leave, when the head of Chu came out, they were not allowed to leave. The lord of Lize Palace also came out, and gave Yu Sifeng a lesson, not wanting him to be with Chu Xuanji and the others. The palace lord took Yu Sifeng back and said that they were not allowed to be together in the future.

Master Chu Xuanji asked Haochen’s position in her heart, and Chu Xuanji said it was naturally very important. Haochen said she would marry Chu Xuanji as his wife, but Chu Xuanji disagreed, saying that she could not marry Haochen. The head of Chu said to lock up Chu Xuanji and prevent her from going out of Shaoyang. The lord of Lize Palace was teaching Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng said that he had given his heart to Chu Xuanji. The palace owner said that if Chu Xuanji knew the true identity of Yu Sifeng, would she still believe you? Yu Sifeng said that Chu Xuanji was different and she would not harm him. The palace lord said that since Yu Sifeng wanted to go his own way, he would ignore him. If Yu Sifeng died, he would die a little bit further. After they beat him or kill him, the palace lord would not care.

Chu Xuanji wanted to go out to see Yu Sifeng, but the disciples outside did not agree. Lu Yanran suddenly appeared in her room. Lu Yanran asked if she had to go to Wu Zhoushan, and then handed her the invisibility talisman, the puppet talisman, and asked her to follow her plan. Liu Yihuan was chasing Yu’er and finally caught up. Suddenly Wu Tong surrounded Liu Yihuan, and Wu Tong took Liu Yihuan into the Tianxu Hall. The hall master of the Tianxu Hall appeared, and the hall master said that he wanted to ask him a question whether the god of heaven was Chu Xuanji or not. Liu Yihuan said that he didn’t know, and the chief of the hall did something to Yu’er. Liu Yihuan opened his eyes, Chu Xuanji was indeed the God of War, and the hall master asked them to take Liu Yihuan. Zhong Minyan went to Chu Xuanji’s room and said to see her, and they started to follow the plan. When the disciples found something was wrong, they went in and found that it was fake. They told them to head Chu, and soon someone was looking for them.

Ruoyu found them and wanted to save Chu Linglong together. Yu Sifeng agreed, and they decided to leave together. The purple fox came to Fuyu Island, but was blocked by the barrier. Hao Chen found them and stopped them, and the head of Chu also came, but found that they were all fake. It turned out that Zihu rescued them. Zihu wanted the spirit key. Lu Yanran told Zihu that the spirit key had been taken away by the people of Tianxu Hall. Zihu knew the place of Bu Zhoushan and said to take them along. But first find Tingnu, he knows the place of Zhoushan. They decided to rescue Ting Nu first, and then went to Bu Zhoushan to rescue Chu Linglong together. Head Chu and they wanted to find Chu Xuanji and the others, and Hao Chen said he could find their whereabouts.

Wu Tong went to see the hall master, and the hall master asked Wu Tong to send Liu Yihuan and his daughter to the entrance of Buzhou Mountain tomorrow. Wu Tong didn’t bring anyone over, saying that the hall master didn’t want to kill the Xiuxian faction. Wutong wants to make a deal with the hall master, he wants to control the demon soldiers of the Tianxu Hall, and he goes to destroy the five major factions. The hall master wanted to do something to Wu Tong, but Wu Tong took out the Flying Dragon Seal, the hall master was restricted, and the mask on his face also fell off. It turned out to be the deputy master of Lize Palace. The hall master agreed, and Wu Tong said that he could help him. Chu Xuanji and the others are looking for Ting Nu, it is getting late, they are ready to rest.

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