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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 22 Recap

Yu Sifeng found Lu Yanran and wanted to know the whereabouts of Chu Linglong’s soul. Lu Yanran was very anxious that Yu Sifeng was taking such an adventure for Chu Xuanji. Yu Sifeng said that it was because of this that he knew that Chu Xuanji was anxious. Yu Sifeng asked Lu Yanran to give him the ring she got from Tianxu Hall. Yu Sifeng found the little demon who had deceived that he was from Tianxu Hall, and then asked him a few questions, and suddenly a few flew over.

Poisonous needle, the little demon got a needle in the neck. Chu Xuanji was locked in the room by his father, Chu Xuanji took out Dingkun, and finally broke the barrier. As he was about to go out, Senior Brother Hao Chen told Chu Xuanji not to be arrogant, but to understand that the world is the most important. Chu Xuanji said she couldn’t do it, only Chu Linglong grew up with her. When Hao Chen saw that Chu Xuanji was doing this, he said that he would take Chu Xuanji back to the Shaoyang faction. Chu Xuanji was unwilling and was trapped by Haochen’s spell. Yu Sifeng came over and said that Haochen could not take him back because Chu Xuanji didn’t want to go back. Yu Sifeng fought with Haochen, and Lu Yanran also came out to help Yu Sifeng.

Aunt Chu Xuanji came over and said that Zhong Minyan was awake, and they stopped. Chu Xuanji went to see Zhong Minyan, but Hao Chen left Lu Yanran. Zhong Minyan looked at Chu Linglong like this, very sad, but Chu Linglong did not respond. Zhong Min said that they wanted to find the Tianxu Hall, the head of Chu stopped him, and Lu Yanran was caught by them. Yu Sifeng said it was his spirit beast, and he had never harmed anyone. They asked Yu Sifeng to release Xiao Yinhua, but Yu Sifeng did not agree. The demon in the dungeon died. They went to see. Hao Chen found blood stains on Yu Sifeng’s clothes. Yu Sifeng explained that he had indeed been there, but wanted to entice the demon to tell the whereabouts of Wutong, and then someone attacked the demon. The thing on my body is to block the hidden weapon. Yu Sifeng said to give him some time, he must find the demon. None of them agreed, believing that Yu Sifeng was just trying to hide Xiao Yinhua. They caught Yu Sifeng.

Chu Xuanji wanted Haochen’s help, but Haochen was unwilling, so he was not allowed to plead for Yu Sifeng. Wu Tong found Canna, who was going through the catastrophe, helped her through the calamity, and then made Canna into Chu Linglong’s appearance. Wu Tong put Chu Xuanji’s soul into her body, but only half of the soul went in. Chu Xuanji was looking for the demon on the island, Zhong Min said that the demon was Xiao Yinhua. Chu Xuanji said why Zhong Minyan didn’t believe in Yu Sifeng, he was as worried about Chu Linglong as we are. Zhong Minyan said that he didn’t know what to do now, only that Xiao Yinhua was the only clue. Zhong Min said that he heard from his master that Yu Sifeng had already been tortured, but he was still stubborn and asking for trouble. When Chu Xuanji heard Zhong Minyan say this, she was very worried about Yu Sifeng, pushed Zhong Minyan away and left.

In the dungeon, Yu Sifeng was tied by an iron chain. The island owner of Fuyu Island was torturing Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng was dying. The island owner asked Yu Sifeng where the stronghold of Tianxu Hall was and where Qingrong had been taken by the earth wolf. Yu Sifeng said that he was not the demon clan of Tianxu Hall at all. If he really worked for Tianxu Hall, why would it be better to take away the Fuyu Island Spirit Key with her after breaking the matter of Madam Gu. Yu Sifeng asked him to think about it. All kinds of coincidences pointed to him, why didn’t he take the Tianjizhu directly. The island owner said that he had believed in Qingrong and Ouyang, but now he knows that credulity in others is the biggest mistake he has committed in his life. The island owner executed Yu Sifeng again, and Yu Sifeng said that he was indeed not the demon of Tianxu Hall.

The island owner wanted to kill Yu Sifeng, the head of Chu and the others came and asked him why he didn’t try it together. The head of Chu was afraid of hurting innocent people, but others disagreed, saying that severe punishments could make him speak out. Yu Sifeng said that he had truthfully told the truth, and the master of Gu Gu had tortured Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji wanted to enter the dungeon, but Zhong Minyan was dragged away. Head Chu asked him to release the spirit beast and give them an explanation. Yu Sifeng said that you didn’t believe in the conspiracy of Tianxu Hall at the time, and each had ghosts. Now it is impossible for you to want me to come back.

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