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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 27 Recap

He Mei thinks that He Ziqiu must be very difficult now, and he asks Li Haichao to add his WeChat account. Then he will push his friends who are coffee chain stores to him, and then let Li Haichao tell He Ziqiu and ask Li Haichao to say that he is his friend. Li Haichao asked Anna Mae to help He Ziqiu why he didn’t use her name? Anna Mae was supposed to repay the debt to He Ziqiu. Tang Can asked Li Jianjian to give Qi Mingyue a household registration page. Qi Mingyue wanted to leave after taking the household registration page, but Li Jianjian refused to let her sit down and chat with herself.

Li Jianjian didn’t let Qi Mingyue move out because she moved out because of her mother. Qi Mingyue felt that if she didn’t move out, she was just showing them a joke, and she couldn’t pass the hurdle in her heart. Li Jianjian said that no one would look down on Qi Mingyue, and it was not her fault not to be liked. And Ling Xiao also said that he wanted to apologize to Qi Mingyue. The last two people were a little sad. Qi Mingyue told Li Jianjian that he couldn’t accept facing them like this now, and asked Li Jianjian to give himself a little more time.

Tang Can took the cake he made to her mother’s birthday party, and also presented a pair of bracelets to her mother. Tang Can’s relatives talked about Tang Can’s role as an actor when she was a child, and Tang Can’s mother deliberately lied to her relatives to say that Tang Can worked in a museum for the sake of face. This meal was all about Tang Can’s acting.

After the meal, Tang Can’s mother complained that Tang Can was unwilling to run Taobao errands, and said directly that Tang Can was still daydreaming about being a big star. Tang Can told Li Jianjian where he was staying. Li Jianjian also said that she disagrees with Tang Can doing Taobao errands, and Li Jianjian suggested that Tang Can change jobs. Tang Can was very excited. She thought that Li Jianjian looked down on her work, and the two finally had a fight.

Li Jianjian was sad Ling Xiao ran to comfort him, Ling Xiao said that he had a way to make Li Jianjian forget about the quarrel, and then hugged Li Jianjian and kissed him. After Ling Xiao let go of her, Li Jianjian felt ashamed to bury his head in the sofa. On the other hand, Qi Mingyue and her father only looked at their mobile phones when Qi Mingyue was eating with her parents. Jin Yuxiang complained that she was a nanny, and she still refused to let Qi Mingyue go to Beijing and told her not to live with Tang Can.

In the end, Qi Mingyue said that she would be renting back to the house tonight. Jin Yuxiang gave her a stack of books about civil servant examinations for her to read. After Qi Mingyue returned home, she opened her eyes and felt that she could not be held by Jin Yuxiang. He threw the book into the drawer when he left.

The next day Li Jianjian brushed her teeth and found that Qi Mingyue was back. Qi Mingyue said that Li Jianjian let herself come back, and according to her observations, He Ziqiu and Ling Xiao didn’t know anything about each other, and she was the only one. The insider, so she can’t miss such a wonderful situation, she wants to witness Li Jianjian walk into the shadows.

Li Jianjian felt depressed when he thought of Ling Xiao’s kiss series last night. When he went out, he asked if He Ziqiu would kiss himself in certain circumstances? He Ziqiu said that he was not that kind of person anymore, and if that was the case, he would put Li Jian’s tip into the refrigerator to calm down.

Li Jianjian came to the studio and learned that Zhou Miao had found someone to write a lot of articles to praise her, and also arranged interviews with reporters. Li Jianjian was very angry to let him do his own thing. Seeing Li Jianjian’s anger, Du Juan asked Zhou Miao to leave. Finally, Li Jianjian said that he would not want him if it weren’t for Du Juan. On the other side, Ling Xiao declined Feng Xixi’s request to eat together, and then planned to apologize for dinner with Qi Mingyue.

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