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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 25 Recap

He Ziqiu recalled that when Anna Mae left, she told her grandmother to listen to her grandmother. Grandma accused Anna Mae of being unrealistic and losing money, and accused Anna Mae of not only not being able to help the family for so many years, but also helping her own children. No matter what He Mei said, grandma was still very angry. He Mei told He Ziqiu to be obedient and left without looking back.

He Ziqiu felt that he still had to make a final explanation with Mae. He Ziqiu came to Mae’s beauty shop and left his shop. Li Jianjian received the courier he bought about his brother’s doting on his sister and came back just after opening the cuckoo. Li Jianjian hurriedly packed the book and put it in the drawer. Du Juan told Li Jianjian that her San Xiao Wu Guai work was taken by an international company and wanted to buy the copyright.

In a few days, the international company will send someone to the studio to talk about it. If it succeeds, it will be sold every time. They can share a share of money. Li Jianjian got up and cheered, but Du Juan accidentally saw the book about his brother doting his sister. Du Juan snatched it and read it and asked Li Jianjian not to be confused about this situation. Everyone’s situation is different. Now she The most important thing is to produce more works and participate in the competition to win more. Li Jianjian grabbed the book and said that he had no inspiration now.

At noon, Ling Xiao suddenly came to the studio and said that he would take Li Jianjian to dinner. After the meal, Li Jianjian accompanied Ling Xiao to buy a mobile phone. When Li Jianjian was installing the software on Ling Xiao’s mobile phone, he saw that Qi Mingyue sent Ling Xiao to Ling Xiao and gave it to Ling Xiao, but Ling Xiao said that Li Jianjian’s look was the same as his own.

After reading the news sent by Qi Mingyue, Li Jianjian realized that Ling Xiao’s relative Li Jianjian was seen by Qi Mingyue that night, and that Qi Mingyue was going to move out. Li Jianjian ran downstairs to Qi Mingyue’s house to wait for her at night, and finally waited until Qi Mingyue came home. Li Jianjian got up because he had squatted for a long time, and his feet were soft and hit the rock. Li Jianjian told Qi Mingyue that he saw the WeChat message she sent to Ling Xiao.

Qi Mingyue was very angry that Li Jianjian saw the message she sent to Ling Xiao. Li Jianjian said that it was only that day that he knew that the two brothers liked him. Qi Mingyue felt that Li Jianjian was here to show off to her. After all, these two people are the people Qi Mingyue once liked. Li Jianjian wanted to explain that he was also very annoying, and Qi Mingyue said something cruel. Both were very sad in the end. Li Jianjian ran away crying and Qi Mingyue sat there crying.

Tang Can went to play mahjong with Zhuangbei’s mother and gave her a necklace. In the end, Tang Can told Zhuangbei’s mother about the TV series she played when she was a child and the commercials she shot in high school. Zhuangbei finally picked up Tang Can for dinner, and when he finally sent Tang Can, he wanted to go upstairs to see Qi Mingyue.

Tang Can said that Qi Mingyue was not in Zhuangbei, so he said that he would go back to write a case and leave. Tang Can came home and saw Li Jianjian who was crying and sad, so he went to Ling Xiao and asked her to comfort Li Jianjian. On the other side, when the other side was about to close, Mae opened. He Ziqiu asked Mae why he left when he said that he was stable and picked him up, but he didn’t want him in the end.

Anna Mae told He Ziqiu that she only knew how difficult it was when she arrived in Shenzhen, and how could she take care of He Ziqiu without taking care of her. He Ziqiu then said that he is now an adult and has important family members. He Mei did not raise herself back then, so she will not raise her in the future. Anna Ma said that he does not need He Ziqiu to raise a son. Finally, He Ziqiu returned the makeup mirror that Mae had left back to her. When He Ziqiu was leaving, Mae stopped him and said that if he needed help in the future, he could still find her.

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