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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 16 Recap

When Mu Yao saw Feng Wu also came to the Junwu Academy, she spoke ill of her behind her back. Feng Wu said that fortunately, the Junwu Academy has no kind of teaching, otherwise how could you appear here. Mu Yao said that Fengwu was once one of the two phoenixes of Yuandu, but now it is not at the same level as Zuo Qingluan, so naturally she is unwilling to do so, so she can only die. Feng Wu said to Mu Yao whether she would dare to bet her, and bet whether Feng Wu could be admitted to Junwu Academy. If Feng Wu was admitted to Mu Yao and joined her at Junwu Academy, she would call her father. Mu Yao didn’t know what father meant, Mu Yao agreed, and Feng Wu left with Chao Ge.

Wu Youdao began to announce the exam. Feng Wu and Chao Ge were answering the questions seriously. When the time came, Wu Youdao let the candidates leave. Feng Xun was eating what Qiuling had prepared, Xuan Yi was reading a book, Feng Xun Wan Feng Wu, Chao Ge said that Jun Linyuan called Feng Wu to train before the exam. In the afternoon, after a lottery exam, Mu Yao got Feng Wu, and the two of them would compete.

Yu Mingye played the first game and defeated his opponent with one move. Chao Ge is on the stage, and Feng Wu will definitely be able to comfort her. Chaoge went to the ring, did not use a sword, took out a slingshot against the enemy. Chaoge used a slingshot to make the opponent unable to enter, and then used the pollen to win the opponent’s bell. Finally it was Feng Wu’s turn to take the stage. Mu Yao told Feng Wu to surrender. Feng Wu said she still heard Mu Yao call her father. Mu Yao knew how powerful Feng Mingjian was, so she told Feng Wu whether she should use weapons, and Feng Wu agreed. Feng Wu got ready and started fighting with Mu Yao.

Feng Wu was at a disadvantage and was injured. Feng Wu was knocked to the ground. Feng Wu staggered and stood up. Feng Wu fainted, and the referee was about to declare Mu Yao victory. Feng Wu floated in the air, with powerful spiritual power exuding around her body, and made a move on Mu Yao, but Wu Youdao blocked him for Mu Yao. Feng Wu fainted and woke up again in bed. Feng Wu knew that she had been asleep for three days, and quickly went to watch the list. When Feng Wu went to the top of the list, everyone around her called her the Great Demon. Feng Wu hurried to find her name. She was in the 50th place and entered the Junwu Academy.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were strolling in the street. Xuan Yi looked at the books on the booth and became interested. Feng Xun said that there are so many books in Xuan Yi’s house, why is he interested in them. Xuan Yi said that although Chaoge was lucky enough to enroll in school, she couldn’t relax easily. She found a few classics for her to learn from the past.

Feng Xun asked him why he was so caring about the Chaoge girl, and he would continue to teach if he wouldn’t go to Junwu Academy. Xuan Yi said that Chaoge girl has been devoting herself to practice, but there is no good way. If I can help her, it should be. Xuan Yi was going to the bookstore, leaving Feng Xun alone. Xuan Yi met Chao Ge on the road, Chao Ge said that he could take a step to speak, and Chao Ge asked if he had forgotten that she would grant her a request if she was admitted to Junwu Academy. Xuan Yi said yes, and asked her what her request was. Chaoge said shyly, could he be called Brother Tian Xiaoyi. Xuan Yi agreed, and Chao Ge said that she should not let other girls call him the same way.

After all, she had experienced a lot to get this reward, and she couldn’t let other people call him so easily. Xuan Yi agreed to not let other girls call him that way in the future. Saint Empress’s men went back to report to Saint Empress that Feng Wu was still on the list, and Wu Youdao personally added it. The Queen didn’t want to see Zuo Qingluan for Wu Youdao, but she didn’t understand how she liked Fengwu. The Queen suspected that Feng Wu was related to Mu Jiuzhou, and asked her to investigate Feng Wu. At Junwu Academy, Wu Youdao was speaking to his disciples, asking them to recite 134 door rules, and then some disciples distributed clothes.

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