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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 15 Recap

Chao Ge said that the annual market at the gate of Yuandu City is about to begin, so it’s better to invite Xiao Wu to play together. Qiu Ling said that this was a good idea and was going to tell Feng Wu. Master Xuan Yi is here, Qiu Ling asked how he came, Xuan Yi said that Jun Linyuan and Feng Xun had a mission, and went to meet him. Qiuling asked him again why he was here. Xuan Yi said that a few days before his grandfather’s birthday, he came to Feng Wu to help draw a map of acupoints and meridians.

Qiuling said that Feng Wu was in a bad mood recently, and Xuan Yi recognized Chaoge unexpectedly. Chaoge didn’t expect Xuan Yi to recognize it. Xuan Yi said that other girls smelled of smoky fat perfume, only Chaoge was different. Xuan Yi approached Chao Ge and said that she smelled of melon seeds, fruits, and honey. Chao Ge thanked Xuan Yi for what happened last time. Qiu Ling said they were going to ask Feng Wu to participate in the market, and asked Xuan Yi if he wanted to be together. Xuan Yi agreed.

The Queen took Zuo Qingluan to the market to prepare to meet Wu Youdao, and Phoenix also came to the market. Suddenly one of the horses went mad, causing riots in the market. Feng Wu saw that someone was in danger and offered to help. Fortunately, Wu Youdao stopped the horses. Wu Youdao asked Feng Wu to think about herself before saving people. Feng Wu thanked Wu Youdao.

After Wu Youdao went to see Sheng, he went out and met Zuo Qingluan and wanted to worship him as a teacher, but Wu Youdao refused. Qiuling said that Jun Linyuan and the others were coming, and Feng Wu went to see Jun Linyuan. Jun Linyuan told Feng Wu that it was wrong for him to ask her to go to the Junwu Academy last time, but if she wanted to continue to improve her spiritual power, the Junwu Academy was a must.

Feng Wu said that he was right, but he had to make up for the basics if he wanted to take the Junwu Academy. Jun Linyuan said that he had considered it a long time ago, and let her read the pile of books on the stone table, and let her finish the examination of Junwu Academy. Feng Wu was reading in the room, Yu Mingye knocked on his window, and Feng Wu went out to meet Yu Mingye. Yu Mingye tells Feng Wu and Old Ba to be good friends with Wu Youdao and Ning Jianyuan. Feng Wu played a little clever, let Wu Youdao and Grandpa Xuan Yi play chess together because of the meridian diagram.

Chaoge asked Xuan Yi to read the book with him and wanted Xuan Yi to send her a blessing before the exam. Xuan Yi said a few words, and then the two drank a glass of wine. Xuan Yi said to Chaoge that if she can successfully enter the Junwu Academy, he will promise Chaoge one thing. Chaoge was very happy, saying that she would go in and talk to Xuan Yi. With Xuan Yi’s promise, Chao Ge will work harder to review carefully.

Chaoge said to start eating, but Xuan Yi took out a book for Chaoge to review. The Empress and Zuo Qingluan were waiting for Wu Youdao to come over for dinner, and they wrote back to report that Wu Youdao had something to do and could not come. The queen let Zuo Qingluan go back first, and the queen asked his men to take the shadow guard to kill Wu Youdao, and can’t let Wu Youdao belong to Jun Linyuan. Wu Youdao was reading in the room, and when he was tired, he used the acupuncture technique taught by Feng Wu.

Wu Youdao was drugged and the Shadow Guard wanted to kill him, so Wu Youdao ran out. Jun Linyuan and Xuan Yi are on the way, Jun Linyuan said that the Junwu clan must have spies. Wu Youdao was trapped by them, and Jun Linyuan and Xuan Yi arrived and rescued Wu Youdao. Jun Linyuan healed Wu Youdao’s luck. Jun Linyuan asked him who he was and acted on him. Wu Youdao said he didn’t know. Wu Youdao knew that Jun Linyuan wanted him to assist him, but he was old and didn’t want to intervene in these things. Jun Linyuan said that he understood, but he was just wishful thinking. Jun Linyuan let Wu Youdao take a good rest, telling him that it is safe, and Junlin Tianxia left.

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