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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 14 Recap

Jun Linyuan entered the secret room alone, and Yan Lingzun opened the secret room. Feng Wu and Yu Mingye looked at the bottle, Yu Mingye didn’t see any difference, Jun Linyuan had already walked behind them. Jun Linyuan said that he had heard what they were saying, and in order to allow Feng Wu to leave, they continued to perform and smashed the contents of the Treasure Pavilion a lot. Jun Linyuan opened the secret road and let Yu Mingye leave, Feng Wu could explain it. Yu Mingye left, Feng Wu told Jun Linyuan not to misunderstand. Jun Linyuan was very angry, saying that Feng Wu didn’t think of him when encountering things. Jun Linyuan asked Feng Wu to go out and wait for him. Jun Linyuan closed the secret road and went out. Jun Linyuan gave Yan Lingzun the Clear Water Eye Sky Bottle, and said that he had something to discuss with Yan Lingzun.

Jun Linyuan told Feng Wu that Yan Lingzun was unwilling to exchange the clear water eye sky bottle no matter what. They can only think of other ways. Jun Linyuan said that Yan Lingzun cares about his relationship with Mrs. Yan the most, but there were many incidents when Lady Xu came to the house. There is a gap between their husbands and wives because they have a tradition in Yan’s family. If they are direct blood relatives, then the child has spiritual power at birth, but this child does not. When Yan Lingzun came in, Zuo Qingluan asked Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan what they were discussing. Feng Wu said they were discussing strange cases, and Madam Yan asked her to talk about it.

Feng Wu said: I have heard that the family of high-level spiritual masters has been passed down for three generations, and then the children of the prostitutes will have their own spiritual power when they are born. I am curious how to judge this statement. Although practitioners agree with this statement, it may not be practical for everyone. Madam Yan asked her what she said, Feng Wu said that some things in this world are coincidences, and some things are heavenly. Feng Wu asked Jun Linyuan to help her and prove to them. Feng Wu asked Mrs. Yan to lend her a try. They wanted to get through the child’s three veins. Madam Yan hugged the child, and the two of them performed the spell. Everyone could see that the child had spiritual power.

Yu Mingye was taught by Mozun again because he had failed repeatedly recently and asked him why. The devil told him not to put his mind on other places, and to practice well. Yan Lingzun had already given the clear water eye sky bottle to Jun Linyuan, and Jun Linyuan asked him why he wanted this bottle so that he could give it to her. Jun Linyuan also said that Feng Wu had given Yu Mingye a gift, and he wanted it too. Jun Linyuan said that Yu Mingye’s birthday was also his birthday, Feng Wu didn’t know, and asked him why no one had mentioned it. Jun Linyuan told her to leave it alone, just want her gift. Feng Wu didn’t know what to say, so Jun Linyuan asked her to enter the Junwu Academy as a gift for him, and he gave her the clear water eye bottle.

Jun Linyuan came to Yu Mingye’s room and knew that he had been punished by Demon Venerable. He wanted to take the score, but he didn’t take it after thinking about it. He just drew a few strokes on his face. The Holy Empress already knew about the phoenix dance and couldn’t let the phoenix dance exist in Jun Linyuan. Feng Wu took Jun Linyuan to show him her birthday cake and asked him to make a wish. Feng Wu asked him why he didn’t want to tell others his birth date. Jun Linyuan told her that his mother had died because of him. Feng Wu comforted him and told him not to be sad. The Queen told Zuo Qingluan that if she gets the support of Zuo Youdao, then her practice will get better and better, and the gap with others will get farther and farther, and people with discerning eyes will make the right choice. Zuo Qingluan said that she understood, and the Queen let her eat.

Feng Wu carried Jun Linyuan to Fengxun’s room. Jun Linyuan was drunk. Feng Wu told Feng Xun that he was sleeping here tonight. Feng Xun went to the guest room, and Feng Wu wanted to find the Clear Water Eye Sky Bottle on Jun Linyuan, but was hugged unconsciously by Jun Linyuan. In the morning, Feng Wu rubbed her head for Jun Linyuan, and Jun Linyuan grabbed her hand and asked her what she wanted. Feng Wu gave Jun Linyuan a birthday present, a small book that can be read.

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