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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 9 Recap

Brother Liu saw the mask on Yu Sifeng’s face and said that he must help him find a way to remove the mask. Yu Sifeng said it was his own choice, and there is nothing wrong with practicing peace of mind. Brother Liu didn’t think so much that cultivation was originally suffering, but now it is still ruthless and ruthless, then isn’t your life too boring. Brother Liu gave Xiao Yinhua to Yu Sifeng, Yu Sifeng took in Xiao Yinhua, and Brother Liu left.

Chu Linglong asked if Chu Xuanji was okay, and when she saw Chu Xuanji’s bell, she asked how she and Yu Sifeng were. Chu Xuanji said that he had not been in contact with him in the past four years, and that Chu Xuanji did not understand the relationship. Chu Xuanji thought that they had made an appointment, and they had to go to Shaoyang Mountain to practice together with four of them. It must be fun. A disciple found Zhong Minyan and said that Chu Linglong was going to dance with others and that he was still a male disciple. Zhong Minyan heard that he should go look for them and leave Chu Xuanji alone.

Tianxu Hall, his subordinates are reporting to the hall master that, except for the Shaoyang Sect’s Shadow Demon’s failure, all other factions have left detailed works. Wutong told the Earth Wolf that he hadn’t done things well, which made the Earth Wolf unhappy. The Earth Wolf explained that he just didn’t want to expose the strength of Tianxu Hall. Wu Tong suggested to the hall master that he could kill the Xiuxian faction without leaving it. Wu Tong applied to the hall master to help them obtain the spirit key, and brought up the Xuanyuan Sect people, saying that he had deceived the Earth Wolf. Wu Tong asked the Xuanyuan Sect to tell the location of the spirit key, but the hall master remained silent. Wu Tong applied to the hall master again, and the hall master made Wu Tong the altar master of the Bu Zhoushan branch, and could help them obtain the spirit key regardless of the cost.

Lize Palace, Yu Sifeng paid a visit to the palace lord and others. It turned out that it was Yu Sifeng’s mastery, which was appreciated by the palace lord of Lize. The palace owner told them about the experience of going out of the palace and asked them to find out about the monsters in the Central Plains. Chu Xuanji and the others have to go down the mountain to practice, and Hao Chen is explaining to Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji bid farewell to his father and them, and the sword went down the mountain. Chu Xuanji and the three met villagers on the way to inquire about Shaoyang Mountain. Minyan asked them that they encountered monsters making trouble.

It turned out that they were from Wangxian Town. There were monsters in the town a few days ago, so they went to Shaoyang faction. Chu Xuanji and the others decided to help them out of the monster, and the villagers on the way told them about the monster. Chu Xuanji took out a ten thousand monster strategy and guessed the origin of the monster. When their Yujian came to the place where the demon was disturbed, it turned out that it was really Qu Runiao, and they chased after him. When he came to a canyon, Chu Linglong saw the darkness, and dropped a firefly, suddenly came down and flew up like a bird. The three of them cast a spell to resist, and fought with thousands of Qu Runiaos.

They went underground, and Chu Xuanji was accidentally injured and vomited blood. Chu Xuanji pinched the tactics with both hands, using a piece of flame to deal with Qu Runiao, but couldn’t hold on, and fell down. At this time Yu Sifeng rushed to save Chu Xuanji, put Chu Xuanji down, and went to chase Qu Runiao. , Came back soon, let Qu Runiao run away. Chu Xuanji was very happy to see Yu Sifeng, but Yu Sifeng was very cold. Yu Sifeng was about to leave, but Chu Xuanji was poisoned. Yu Sifeng did not leave and detoxified her. Chu Linglong and Dianjing Gu Yanran quarreled.

Yu Sifeng detoxified her and wanted to leave. Chu Xuanji left him and explained to him. Yu Sifeng gave him the Mirror of Ten Thousand Tribulations and Eight Desolations, and Chu Xuanji said that he promised Brother Haochen not to look for the Mirror of Ten Thousand Tribulations and Eight Desolations. When they went out, Qu Runiao chased after him again, and they were trapped inside. Yu Sifeng used the spirit chasing technique, and they found the position of the man who controlled Qu Rubird. Yu Sifeng was moved to Chu Xuanji again, and the lover’s curse had an effect. Chu Xuanji wanted to make Yu Sifeng happy and started telling him jokes. Seeing no effect, she used other methods. When Yu Sifeng heard Chu Xuanji talk about the sixth brother, he thought of Chu Xuanji and said that she liked the sixth brother. Want to rush Chu Xuanji away.

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