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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 8 Recap

Yu Sifeng stood up, the figure threw a sword to Yu Sifeng, and then fought Yu Sifeng, only to discover that they were actually two identical people. Yu Sifeng was stabbed with a sword by him, he let Yu Sifeng give up. Yu Sifeng remembered his promise to Chu Xuanji and tried his best to defeat him. A mask was floating in the air, and the palace lord and deputy palace lord of Lize appeared. The lord of the palace said to Yu Sifeng: Sifeng, you are really my good apprentice. For so many years, few people have been able to learn from the thirteen commandments. Retreat.

The deputy palace lord asked Yu Sifeng to wear a mask to return to Lize Palace. Yu Sifeng recognized that this was a lover’s curse mask, and the person who put it on will be unrelenting in love. Master asked Yu Sifeng to put on a mask as soon as possible. Yu Sifeng was unwilling. He didn’t want to be ruthless. The master told him that if he doesn’t wear it, he will never get out of the thirteen commandments purgatory. Yu Sifeng didn’t wear it, saying that he would definitely find a way to get out, and the lord of Lize Palace and the others left.

Chu Xuanji is practicing, Brother Haochen asked Chu Xuanji to continue practicing. Chu Xuanji was looking at things and wanted to check the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations, Brother Hao Chen discovered that she should never look at things about the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations. Chu Xuanji was punished to go to the back mountain to chop bamboo, and Chu Xuanji became more and more interesting. Senior Brother Haochen came to Chu Xuanji’s room, trying to touch her memory about the mirror of the horrible tribulations, but because of the mortal dust, he did not succeed. He wanted Chu Xuanji to be safe and to survive the disaster smoothly. Brother Haochen came to Zhulin to find Chu Xuanji and asked her not to cut bamboo.

He also told Chu Xuanji that the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations is an evil mirror, which is not good for Chu Xuanji, so Chu Xuanji should not look for the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations. Chu Xuanji was hungry. Senior Brother Haochen prepared food for her. It turned out that today was her birthday.

Yu Sifeng had been trapped in the purgatory tower for almost a year, but he still did not go out. Yu Sifeng was lying on the snow, still thinking about how to get out. Chu Xuanji took advantage of Senior Brother Haochen to fetch the wine and found the bell to transmit the sound to Yu Sifeng. When Yu Sifeng heard that Chu Xuanji liked the sixth brother Zhong Minyan , the palace lord appeared again at this time and asked Yu Sifeng to put on a mask. Yu Sifeng still didn’t want to take it. The palace lord showed him Big Brother Liu who was caught. If Yu Sifeng didn’t wear a mask, he would kill Big Brother Liu. The lord of Lize Palace left, and Yu Sifeng remembered the little things he had with Chu Xuanji. In order to save Big Brother Liu, Yu Sifeng took up the mask and put it on, and walked out of the purgatory tower. Yu Sifeng rescued Brother Liu, and Brother Liu’s daughter also disappeared. Wutong was besieged by the five major factions, was about to die, and was rescued by the people of Tianxu Hall.

Zhong Minyan and Chu Linglong are playing chess, and some son finds them and asks them to choose a new son. Chu Xuanji’s master left the customs, so that Chu Xuanji could go out and practice, and let Chu Xuanji look back at Yangfeng, but reminded Chu Xuanji of her mission. Zhong Min said that they were selecting a disciple, and Chu Xuanji appeared, saying that the disciple was a demon, and soon revealed that the demon was beaten, and Chu Xuanji defeated the demon. When Chu Linglong saw her sister coming back, the two of them held each other excitedly. Chu Xuanji asked her sister to take her to eat, and the head of Chu paid much attention to the cultivation of fairy pie.

Chu Xuanji found her father, and his father was very satisfied with her progress, and made Chu Xuanji thank Haochen very much. The head of Chu asked sister Chu Xuanji to go down the mountain to practice, and Chu Xuanji’s things from Xuyang Peak were sent back. Chu Xuanji took the bell to transmit the voice to Yu Sifeng, and Brother Liu got the eyes of the sky and returned to Lize Palace. Brother Liu saw the lover’s curse mask on Yu Sifeng’s face and said that he was dragging Yu Sifeng. Brother Liu said that he must help Yu Sifeng find a way to remove the mask.

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