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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 7 Recap

Brother Liu heard Yu Sifeng speaking and knew that the person he liked was Chu Xuanji. Brother Liu asked Sifeng Yu if Chu Xuanji knew he was being punished here. Yu Sifeng said that of course Chu Xuanji knew, and they also agreed to meet again in the future. Brother Liu asked if Yu Sifeng was so confident in breaking the thirteen commandments. Yu Sifeng said that he had promised Chu Xuanji to help her find the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations, so that I would not die in the Thirteen Precepts. Brother Liu heard the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations, and asked Yu Sifeng if he could see his past life. Brother Liu told Yu Sifeng that he knew of a fragment of a mirror from a thousand tribulations, and said he found it while digging a tunnel. Yu Sifeng wants to go in and look for the mirror.

Chu Xuanji had decided to practice before Xuyangfeng, and Chu Linglong was afraid that Chu Xuanji would suffer, so she was unwilling to go. Chu Xuanji told Chu Linglong not to worry about her going to learn her skills. Yu Sifeng searched for the mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations under the water. Chu Xuanji used a bell to transmit the sound to Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng did not hold the bell, so he did not hear Chu Xuanji speak to him. Yu Sifeng found a mirror of myriad tribulations, and wanted to transmit the sound to Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji was already asleep, and they missed it again. Yu Sifeng talked about his daughter Yu’er and her mother, and Brother Liu was unhappy when he thought of them. For the life of his daughter, he was willing to be punished in Lize Palace. Someone gave Big Brother Liu food, Big Brother Liu discovered that his money bag was a gift from him to his daughter, and grabbed the man and asked him how the money bag came from.

The man said that an old man came from the palace just now. He honored me with the money bag and asked me to bring you a letter. When Brother Liu’s daughter was scolded, she was beaten up, and fell off the cliff accidentally, and she was almost hopeless. When Brother Liu heard this, he wanted to leave, Lize Palace’s first son blocked him, and Yu Sifeng helped him stop the Lize Palace disciples. Yu Sifeng was caught in front of the palace lord and asked him to enter the thirteen precepts. The palace lord was unwilling, and the deputy palace lord took out a black feather order to persecute the palace lord. In order not to embarrass the master, Yu Sifeng handed over the disciple order and was willing to be punished.

Chu Xuanji bid farewell to his father and them, and went to practice at Xuyang Peak with Brother Haochen. Chu Xuanji worshipped Master, and Chu Xuanji became the son of Xuyang Peak. The master told them that he was going to retreat, and Xu Yangfeng’s affairs would be managed by Brother Haochen, and Chu Xuanji would also be taught by Haochen. Senior Brother Haochen told Chu Xuanji that she was born with the secrets of Xuyang Peak and could become a guardian of the secret realm. Haochen told Chu Xuanji that he had put his bells and kaleidoscopes in the library. Chu Xuanji wanted to get something back, but Hao Chen refused. Hao Chen gave Chu Xuanji a magic weapon, Qianli Umbrella, and asked him to practice well.

Yu Sifeng was taken to the Thirteen Commandments Purgatory Tower, and he walked in alone. Chu Xuanji was late and asked Haochen to punish him. Senior Brother Haochen didn’t punish her, telling her that if she wanted to eat, she had to chase her with her own sword. Chu Xuanji chased him all night and hadn’t caught it. In the evening, Haochen was reading and asked Chu Xuanji to return to the room to practice. In the Purgatory Tower, Yu Sifeng was lying on the ice and snow with scars, he picked up the bell, thinking of Chu Xuanji in his heart. Yu Sifeng crawled towards the exit step by step. Hao Chen asked some disciples who had just practiced to practice the spell, Chu Xuanji wrote the spell on his clothes, and Hao Chen asked Chu Xuanji to work hard.

In the purgatory tower, Yu Sifeng was about to lose consciousness when he climbed to the entrance with difficulty. Suddenly, he found a figure appeared in the front beam of light. Seeing this figure, Yu Sifeng stood up, his eyes fixed on the figure intently. I don’t know what I’m thinking.

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