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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 6 Recap

Chu Xuanji slept soundly in Yu Sifeng , and Yu Sifeng kept motionless in order to make her sleep comfortable. Yu Sifeng hugged Chu Xuanji and left the room, and escorted her back to his room. Chu Xuanji was covered with a quilt, and the door closed, Yu Sifeng left. The people from the Tianxu Hall came to the Shaoyang School secret realm, the head of Chu discovered it and rushed to the secret realm, but the people from the Tianxu Hall had already left. At the hairpin conference, Shi Feng won again. Yu Sifeng and Wu Tong started the match, and the two hacked and slashed at each other, swords blazing. Wu Tong was not Yu Sifeng’s opponent, and was knocked to the ground.

Wu Tong was not reconciled and resorted to a spell. Stopped by the head of Chu, Wu Tong still wants to continue the game. Chu Xuanji and the others were talking about Wutong, and Wutong furiously attacked Chu Xuanji and the others, thrusting a sword into Chu Xuanji’s chest, and Chu Xuanji fell into the lake. Yu Sifeng immediately jumped off the lake to save Chu Xuanji. Wutong was chased by the Shaoyang faction for stabbing Chu Xuanji, and several disciples of the Shaoyang faction were killed by Wutong. Aunt Chu Xuanji is healing Chu Xuanji, and the disciple reports that Wu Tong has escaped. In order to apologize, the head of the Dotting faction decided to withdraw from the hairpin conference, and the five factions jointly arrested Wutong.

Yu Sifeng came to Chu Xuanji’s room to help take care of Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji held his head in a sudden coma and was still in pain. Yu Sifeng cast a spell on Chu Xuanji to stabilize his injury. Aunt Chu Xuanji and Haochen came to check Chu Xuanji’s injuries. The deputy palace lord found Yu Sifeng and told him to leave immediately. Yu Sifeng wanted to stay for a few more days, but the deputy palace lord didn’t care about him. Chu Xuanji still did not wake up, and Yu Sifeng bid her farewell. Yu Sifeng asked Chu Linglong to give Chu Xuanji a bell with a thousand miles of sound transmission.

Yu Sifeng returned to Lize Palace and was taken up. The deputy palace lord wanted to take Yu Sifeng to the cell for thirteen sentences. The palace lord spoke: Yu Sifeng was the culprit this time, and there was a reason for the incident, it should be another matter. The palace lord spoke for Yu Sifeng, and the others wanted to punish Yu Sifeng if they didn’t follow it. Yu Sifeng admitted, and the palace lord told Yu Sifeng to say that he knew he was wrong, so as to help him escape responsibility. The people around wanted Yu Sifeng to enter the thirteen precepts and the lord did not want him to enter the thirteen precepts. The palace owner asked Yu Sifeng to be taken to prison, and this matter will be discussed in the future.

Yu Sifeng was locked in a riot, and next to him was Big Brother Liu, who he knew. Big Brother Liu told him that he had cleared this cell and could go out at any time. Brother Liu wanted to know how Yu Sifeng’s mask was uncovered. Brother Liu guessed that Yu Sifeng already has someone he likes. Brother Liu asked Yu Sifeng to leave Lize Palace through the secret road he dug. Yu Sifeng was unwilling to be a traitor to Lize Palace. A picture appeared in Chu Xuanji’s mind, and suddenly he woke up, and the head of Chu also came. They checked Chu Xuanji’s body and knew that Chu Xuanji had recovered. The head of Chu asked them to take good care of Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji wanted to find Yu Sifeng, only to know that Yu Sifeng had left. The second brother Chu Xuanji gave Chu Xuanji a kaleidoscope. Hao Chen told Head Chu that his master wanted to accept Chu Xuanji as a disciple, and Head Chu knew that he was very happy.

Chu Xuanji asked about the result of the Hairpin Conference and knew that Yu Sifeng had given up the game for her, very guilty. The head of Chu found Chu Xuanji, Brother Haochen told Chu Xuanji that his master wanted to accept her as his apprentice, and Chu Xuanji couldn’t believe he would accept her as his apprentice. Hao Chen said to Chu Xuanji: After you are so talented, you are born without six senses, which is not necessarily a disadvantage. As long as you work hard, you will definitely achieve something. Hearing Senior Brother Haochen say this, Chu Xuanji told him that he would like to practice together with him before Xuyang Peak. Sitting in the cell, Yu Sifeng picked up the sound-transmitting bell and wanted to talk to Chu Xuanji. But the bell was still in Chu Linglong’s hands, and Yu Sifeng asked her what happened to Chu Xuanji and asked her to transmit the voice to Yu Sifeng.

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