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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 5 Recap

Chu Linglong and Zhong Minyan competed against the Dotting Disciples, and Chu Xuanji was there to cheer them on. The two parties saluted, and the four began to scramble. Chu Linglong was not defeated by a few opponents. Only Zhong Minyan was on the stage against the two finishing touchers. Zhong Minyan was powerful and defeated the other two. Chu Xuanji and Chu Linglong was elated. The hall master of Tianxu Hall reported to him the whereabouts of the spirit key, and the hall master asked his men to start with Xuanyuan faction. The elder Lingshi was angry with the first son and let them go down. At this time, the people of the Tianxu Hall came to the elder Lingshi and told the secrets of the Xuanyuan Sect. The Tianxu Hall gave the elder Lingshi and their demon clan Kun Yin Dan, which greatly increased the elders’ skills.

Chu Xuanji was practicing in the bamboo forest, and Yu Sifeng appeared and asked Chu Xuanji to practice it again and show him. After reading Chu Xuanji’s exercises and giving her some suggestions, Chu Xuanji has made progress and accidentally broke Yu Sifeng’s purse. Yu Sifeng told her that this was left by his mother. Yu Sifeng grew up in Lize Palace since childhood, and Chu Xuanji also left her when she was very young. Yu Sifeng promised that Chu Xuanji would help her know the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Desolation.

The hairpin conference continued, Xuanyuan School disciple Shi Feng, because of taking the secret medicine of Tianxu Hall, greatly increased his skill and defeated the Dotting School disciple. Elder Lingshi said to his disciples: Your winning streak today has greatly improved the face of our Xuanyuan Sect, which is not bad. Shi Feng told the elder that the internal force in his body was getting more and more out of control. He was worried that the pill that Master gave him would cause him to die suddenly. The elder Lingshi told Shi Feng not to tell others about the pill, and asked him to go back to rest.

The people from Tianxu Hall reappeared and asked Elder Lingshi about the four spirit keys. Elder Lingshi hadn’t spoken yet, and the people from Tianxu Hall had left. At the Hairpin Conference, Zhong Minyan competed with Wutong, who was the finishing touch. Wutong defeated Zhong Minyan with a spell. Chu Xuanji was almost injured and argued with Wutong. However, after discussions with several big figures, Wutong won. They decided that no spells would be allowed in future competitions. Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji to give Wutong a bitter taste. The next day, the Shaoyang faction showed a notice stating that Yu Sifeng had lost a snake and wanted everyone to help find it. Yu Sifeng waited in the woods for Wutong to hook. Wutong wanted to catch the snake when he saw the snake. When the snake was caught by Wutong, Yu Sifeng tied Wutong with a rope. Wu Tong almost hurt Chu Linglong, and Wu Tong was left there by them.

Elder Lingshi was training the first son and was scolded by the elder Lingshi. The Tianxu Hall also found the Lingshi elder. In order for the disciples of the Hairpin Conference to win, the Lingshi elder told the people in the Tianxu Hall that these four spirit keys were among the four other sects except the Xuanyuan Sect. The people of Tianxu Hall gave the Kun Yin Pill to the elder Lingshi, and the elder Lingshi left after getting the pill. Yu Sifeng found that his silver hairpin had been lost and came to the place where Wutong was trapped. Wutong had already escaped. Seeing them coming, attacked Chu Xuanji and them, but was stopped by Yu Sifeng, Wu Tong took out Yu Sifeng’s silver hairpin and asked Yu Sifeng to kneel down and apologize to her, and kidnapped Chu Xuanji. Yu Sifeng knelt down for Wu Tong for Chu Xuanji. Seeing Wu Tong’s carelessness, he knocked Wu Tong down and left with Chu Xuanji.

In order to help Yu Sifeng get the silver hairpin, Chu Xuanji wanted to steal the silver hairpin, so Chu Xuanji dressed as a man and entered the bathhouse.

Wu Tong stole the silver hairpin and quickly left the bathhouse. Yu Sifeng was looking at his mother’s portrait. Chu Xuanji took back Yu Sifeng’s silver hairpin and gave it back to Yu Sifeng. Seeing that Chu Xuanji was injured, Yu Sifeng gave her medicine. Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji not to have contact with Wutong, and knew that Chu Xuanji had entered the male bathhouse and told her not to do this in the future. The first son of Lize Palace entered the room, and Yu Sifeng let Chu Xuanji hide in the bed.

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