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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 4 Recap

Yu Sifeng and others rescued the Yuren, the people from Tianxu Hall appeared, trapping Chu Xuanji and Chu Linglong , Yu Sifeng and Minyan were still fighting. The Demon wanted to compare the God of War and the Demon Star, and it was not their reincarnation that started Linglong. Senior Brother Haochen rushed over and started with the devil to help Yu Sifeng and the others repel the devil. Haochen asked them where the shark had gone, and Yu Sifeng said that he had been snatched away by the demon. Haochen was dissatisfied with Yu Sifeng leading the Shaoyang School disciples to save the Shaker privately, and Chu Xuanji spoke for Yu Sifeng. Uncle Yinghong took Haochen to find the traces of the sharks. Yu Sifeng waved his hand and the sharks appeared in front of them. It turned out that this was because Yu Sifeng used their blind eye tricks from Lize Palace.

The sharks were not demonized. People snatch it. Yu Sifeng asked them to take the Shark into the river, and Chu Xuanji saw that the Shark was seriously injured and gave the Shark a medicine. The shark said that they did not know each other in this life, but now we do. They didn’t know what the shark meant. The shark jumped into the river and took off a tear. Unexpectedly, Chu Xuanji could cry at this time, and Chu Xuanji would not be imprisoned in Mingxia Cave. The man told Chu Xuanji that he wanted to find the Six Senses, so you should find the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations. You will know everything when you find the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations. After talking about the shark, he left.

In Tianxu Hall, the hall master’s men had already reported back that they knew Chu Linglong was not the one they were looking for. Chu Xuanji was hungry again, Yu Sifeng and Minyan went to catch fish for them, and Chu Linglong told Chu Xuanji that they could write the people they like in their notebooks. Hearing what Chu Linglong said, he wrote the sixth brother in the notebook. Yu Sifeng was a little jealous when he saw that Chu Xuanji liked the gifts that Senior Brother Six gave her. Chu Xuanji told him that he had figured out a way to retrieve the mask, and Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji not to force it. When Chu Xuanji and others came to Chu’s mother, Chu Xuanji cried, and when Chu Xuanji saw that Chu Xuanji was crying, she didn’t pursue it anymore and didn’t have to go to Mingxia Cave. Senior Brother Haochen met Chu Xuanji. He already knew the teardrops of the Shaman Chu Xuanji used. He asked if it was true that Chu Xuanji wanted to practice martial arts well. Chu Xuanji said he wanted to protect the people he wanted to protect.

Yu Sifeng came to the secret realm again, and Chu Xuanji came again to help him. They entered the secret realm through the magic weapon that Senior Brother Haochen gave her. They just discovered the mask and the candle dragon appeared, and they immediately used the magic weapon to leave the secret realm. But only half of the mask was obtained. Chu Xuanji said that it would be fine to find the other half of the mask next time, but the magic weapon in his hand has disappeared and can no longer be used. From Chak Palace Miyaji came before Yu Division and let the wind go back Yu Division punished. Chu Xuanji wanted to be punished for Yu Sifeng, and questioned the palace lord of Lize, who had great opinions on Yu Sifeng. But because of something to discuss, he left temporarily. The head of Chu and the others are analyzing the matter of the Lutai Mountain monster this time, saying that Tianxu Hall wants the spirit key of the five factions. But the other doors kept silent about the spirit key and left one after another.

Yu Sifeng was kneeling on the ground, and Chu Xuanji saw that he wanted to argue with the palace lord, but was stopped by Yu Sifeng, saying that he wanted to kneel here to calm the palace lord. The palace lord came back and saw Yu Sifeng kneeling on the ground and let him enter the room. The palace lord told Yu Sifeng that this hairpin conference must be the leader, so that he could keep him in front of the elders. Yu Sifeng left the palace owner’s room, the deputy palace owner thoughtful. Wu Tong also uttered wild words, which was unpleasant. The hairpin conference began, and disciples from all disciplines began to take the stage, and the head of Chu began to speak, announcing the start of the hairpin conference.

In Yu Sifeng’s first game, his opponent was very strong. Yu Sifeng did not use any weapons, and easily won. In the second round, Wu Tong sent Lin Feng to Xuanyuan, and Wu Tong had strong spells, but he insulted Lin Feng.

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