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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 3 Recap

The villagers carried out a corpse and jumped off the onlookers. The head of Chu took the first son and walked over, and the mayor said to the head of Chu: “Participate in the immortal Zhang, the young officials are troubled by the evil disaster, all the immortals come to help, thank you very much. Head Chu stepped forward to check the corpse.

The mayor said that five people had gone up the mountain yesterday and were killed by the monster, and only this one was found. A disciple who came with the head of Chu said: Judging from this person’s wound, it must be the Gu carving on Lutai Mountain doing evil. Chu Xuanji didn’t think so, and told his father that this man was like a wound from a dog bite. The head of Chu told her not to talk nonsense, but Yu Sifeng helped Chu Xuanji speak. After reading it carefully, others felt that what Chu Xuanji said was reasonable. When the people around heard that there were other monsters, they were very panicked. The head of Chu calmed their emotions and asked the mayor to take them to meet those who had seen monsters.

Chu Xuanji wanted to practice the magic weapon that Senior Brother Haochen gave him, but Chu Xuanji tried several times without success. Finally succeeded for the third time, Chu Xuanji accidentally teleported to Yu Sifeng’s room. Yu Sifeng was taking a bath. Yu Sifeng used a spell to send Chu Xuanji out and closed the door. The hall master’s men are torturing the Tongren Tingnu, wanting him to tell the whereabouts of Juntian Cehai. In order to prevent the child from being tortured, Ting Nu had to say a way. The head of Chu led someone to find the Gu eagle, and Chu Xuanji pretended to have a twisted ankle and couldn’t move on. Head Chu told them to rest on the spot, and they went to draw out the Gu Eagle.

Yu Sifeng discussed with them how to draw the Gu Eagle. Some subordinates notified the demon that a cultivator had broken into Lutai Mountain, and the demon asked all the monsters to immediately withdraw from Lutai Mountain. The mackerel used a spell to make the monster kill him while the demon didn’t pay attention, and his subordinates also ran away. The mackerel Tingnu opened the rope that bound him and crawled towards the child in the basin. Treat the children and let the children inform all the sharks and ask them to leave there as soon as possible.

When Yu Sifeng rushed across the clouds, he wrote a few golden characters in the air with his instruments, and then the golden characters escaped into the ground. Suddenly they felt a demon spirit, the Gu Diao came over and fought Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng asked them to leave as soon as possible. On the other side, the head of Chu met the dog bite and wanted to catch it. Chu Xuanji, Yu Sifeng and others came to a cave and found the shark in the water.

At this time, the Gu Eagle also chased him. However, the entrance of the cave is too small, Gu Diao will not be able to enter for a while. Gu eagle came in, and several people were not opponents. Yuren used a spell to freeze the gu eagle. Yu Sifeng took the opportunity to kill the gu eagle. However, the gu eagle was powerful and broke free, crushing Chu Linglong and Yu Sifeng in their claws. under. Chu Xuanji changed abruptly, saying that he was looking for death, and he would subdue the Gu Eagle with one move.

Chu Xuanji lay on the bed, woke up, wanted to eat, Chu Linglong went to get her. Sixth Senior Brother Minyan asked Chu Xuanji why she was so good in the cave that day. Chu Xuanji didn’t know what was going on, Minyan said that there might be someone outside the world to help them. Chu Linglong brought food to Chu Xuanji, and Aunt Chu Xuanji said that this happened. Aunt Chu Xuanji and Hao Chen went to the cave to check again, but found nothing. Yu Sifeng brought trauma medicine to Chu Xuanji. Seeing that Yu Sifeng was also injured, Chu Xuanji gave him medicine. Yu Sifeng said to find Gu carved horns in the cave, so that Chu Xuanji could cry.

The hall master was furious at letting them go, and asked his subordinates to find him quickly. They noticed Chu Linglong, thinking she was the god of war or the reincarnation of the evil star. Chu Linglong is helping Chu Xuanji return to the Shaoyang School and may be imprisoned in Mingxia Cave. Yu Sifeng took Chu Xuanji to eat delicious food, and Chu Xuanji drooled as he watched the food. The shark was healing and was caught by several people. Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji talked about all kinds of feelings and asked Chu Xuanji to eat a variety of foods. Tingnu was caught by the villagers in the town. Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji that the people were kind and kind, and Yu Sifeng and Minyan discussed with them to save the people. A few of them will guard the shark, wanting to rescue Ting Nu. At this time, the people from Tianxu Hall appeared, trying to deal with Chu Linglong.

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