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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 20 Recap

Yu Sifeng and the others fought with the people in Tianxu Hall. Wu Tong brought a bunch of people over. Several people were holding something like a trumpet. Wu Tong said to them: Just you guys still want to break into my territory. ,court death. Wu Tong asked them to blow their horns and send out waves of sound waves. Yu Sifeng and the others covered their heads, very uncomfortable. At this time, a sword smashed those horns, and Senior Brother Hao Chen came to the Tianxu Hall.

Wu Tong was not Senior Brother Hao Chen’s opponent, so Hao Chen beat him back with a palm, Wu Tong let his subordinates go up to deal with him, Yu’er was accidentally injured, Yuer quickly left, and Chu Xuanji chased him up. Zhong Minyan went to find Chu Linglong, but Chu Linglong was controlled by Wutong. Zhong Minyan wanted to save her, but Wutong was not the opponent of Wutong, and Wutong choked her neck. Yu Sifeng arrived and rescued Chu Linglong, but Wu Tong took the second brother Chu Xuanji and left.

Wutong asked him to bring the second brother back to the main altar, and Yuer followed Wutong to say that he would seek refuge in the Tianxu Hall, but was imprisoned by Wutong. Head Chu and they were treating Chu Linglong, and they found that she was OK. Zhong Minyan fainted. They found that they were poisoned after inspection. They wanted to find five kinds of poisonous weeds to detoxify. They prepared medicines for understanding poison, but one of the poisonous weeds has two properties. If it is negative, Zhong Minyan will die. They need someone to test the medicine. Chu Xuanji said she would help Zhong Minyan test the medicine, but Yu Sifeng took it directly. Started the medicine and drank it. A lot of sweat broke out on Yu Sifeng. Aunt Chu Xuanji checked him and found that the medicine was positive and could detoxify. Chu Xuanji took Yu Sifeng to rest.

Yu Sifeng went to the cold ice pond to see Chu Xuanji, Zhong Minyan had Chu Linglong in his mind, and Chu Xuanji was going to take care of him, Zhong Minyan thought Chu Xuanji was Chu Linglong, and Chu Xuanji comforted him and said that when he gets better, he will let his father let them marry, Yu Si Feng didn’t know the situation and was heartbroken when he heard Chu Xuanji say this. Yu Sifeng turned and left, walking desperately, thinking about the past, thinking that Chu Xuanji didn’t like him. Yu Sifeng was hurt by love, his lover curse broke out, and Yu Sifeng lay on the ground. Lu Yanran discovered that the Yu Si style mantra had occurred, and he treated him with exercises, but it did not get better. Yu Sifeng took back Lu Yanran who wanted to kill Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji saw him and wanted to chase him. Yu Sifeng returned to the room, closed the door, and Yu Sifeng fainted.

Chu Xuanji found Yu Sifeng to give him medicine. Yu Sifeng said that Zhong Minyan and Chu Linglong had turned their heads into peace, and it was time for him to return to Lize Palace. Chu Xuanji heard that Yu Sifeng said that he was going back to Lize Palace, and was very worried about him. She also said that she didn’t want Yu Sifeng to leave, hugged Yu Sifeng, and gave him a kiss. Yuning came to Yu Sifeng’s room to exchange flowers for him, and Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji to go back. Chu Xuanji returned to the room and told Chu Linglong, who was still unconscious, that Yu Sifeng had driven her out.

Chu Xuanji said that she was a little angry in her heart, but she didn’t know why she was angry. Chu Linglong opened her eyes, but did not speak. Chu Xuanji became anxious, and quickly went to find someone else. Chu Xuanji found Yu Sifeng and told him that something was wrong with Chu Linglong, and Yu Sifeng went to Chu Linglong’s room.

After checking, Senior Brother Haochen told them that Chu Linglong had been taken away from her soul, and now she only had a fetus in her body, so it was like this. The head of Chu said that there was any danger, and Yu Sifeng said that there was no danger right now, but Chu Linglong would not be able to hold it if he couldn’t return the soul within a month. Chu Xuanji knew that Wutong did it, so she wanted to find Wutong, but was stopped by the head of Chu. They all advised Chu Xuanji not to be impulsive. The head of Chu said that Wu Tong had taken Chu Linglong’s soul, indicating that there was another picture. Aunt Chu Xuanji saw that Chu Linglong’s hand had been tugging, she opened her palm, and a light flew out of Chu Linglong’s hand, and then revealed: one hand for the spirit spoon, the other hand for the soul. The head of Chu is very entangled, Yu Sifeng comforts Chu Xuanji and will rescue Chu Linglong with him

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