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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 2 Recap

Chu Xuanji picked up the blood-stained object, and some pictures appeared in his mind, and suddenly the two of them were suspended in the air by a mysterious force. Chu Xuanji seemed to be a different person, and the candle dragon attacked them, but they suddenly appeared outside the secret. Zhulong chased it out, and was driven into the secret realm by the Shaoyang Sect disciple. The senior leaders of the Shaoyang faction came, and Chu Xuanji was scolded by her father and asked her how to enter the barrier. Chu Xuanji said that she didn’t know what was going on. Her father said that he would never indulge Chu Xuanji in the future and asked her to face the wall and think about it.

Sister Linglong and they interceded, and Chu Xuanji’s father’s attitude was determined. The deputy lord of Lize Palace came and saw that Yu Sifeng’s mask was missing, and his tone became bad. Yu Sifeng told him that he had lost it. The head of the Shaoyang School said to the deputy palace lord of Lize Palace: Please restrain the disciples, except for Shouyang Peak, no other places are allowed to enter. The deputy palace lord said that he would take Yu Sifeng back to punish them for leaving. The head of Chu and they were discussing the secret realm. They said that Chu Xuanji was the unintentional person, and they wanted to shut Chu Xuanji in Mingxia Cave. Being rejected by the head of Chu, her sister Chu Linglong heard it, and quickly went to tell Chu Xuanji.

Chu Xuanji was taken away by her aunt, and Linglong came over and touched the chili noodles in her eyes. The head of Chu knew that they were acting. Chu Xuanji was taken to Mingxia Cave. Hearing the crying around, Chu Xuanji felt a little moved. Yu Sifeng was punished by the deputy palace lord for losing his mask. He was beaten with a whip to make his face pale and spit out blood. Yu Sifeng also participated in the hairpin conference, and the deputy palace lord told him to continue to be punished after returning to the palace. Chu Xuanji was not affected in Mingxia Cave, so she found a place to sleep. Chu Xuanji was awakened, and there were crying and crying around, and Chu Xuanji fainted while covering her ears.

The hall master is listening to the report from the elders of the stars, and they have caught the shark who knows Jun Tian Hai Ce. Shaoyang sent his disciples to deliver food to Chu Xuanji, and found Chu Xuanji fainted on the ground and helped him up. Starting to drive Chu Xuanji away from the cold, Chu Xuanji wanted to leave here. Brother Six told him that they were trying to get Chu Xuanji to leave here. When Chu Xuanji started to eat, he actually tasted the food. Senior Brother Six gave Chu Xuanji other food. Senior Brother Six told her that she could go back as long as she could cry. Brother Six went back and told Linglong that Chu Xuanji had resumed her sense of taste. Linglong and the others discovered the way Yu Sifeng left them to make Chu Xuanji cry, and they tried to find materials. The head of Chu is announcing the rules of the hairpin conference and let them start the draw.

When Chu Linglong and Senior Brother Six came in, they found out, Chu Linglong had to go in, and the two of them were asked to participate in the draw together. Head Chu had no choice but to agree and write their two names on it and draw lots together. When the lottery was over, Chu Xuanji was among them, it turned out to be Chu Linglong and the others. The head of Chu could only agree to let Chu Xuanji out, and Chu Linglong entered Mingxia Cave and took Chu Xuanji away.

The deputy lord of Lize Palace said to Yu Sifeng: Sifeng, the reason why we let our disciples wear masks at Lize Palace is to keep outsiders away from us, and to keep our heart. Yu Sifeng told the deputy palace lord that he understood. Yu Sifeng found Chu Xuanji, and Chu Xuanji was very concerned about Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji to take him to the secret realm again, and Chu Xuanji was unwilling to open it because he was afraid of being punished. Subsequently, Chu Xuanji and Yu Sifeng reached an agreement. Brother Six saw Yu Sifeng, put on his shoulders, and was beaten by Yu Sifeng’s hand. Chu Xuanji came over and wanted Senior Brother Six to take her to send it. Senior Brother Six was unwilling and left as soon as possible. Chu Xuanji approached Yu Sifeng again, and agreed that she was not willing to take her to fly. Head Chu came over and wanted to take her to fly, Hao Chen told the head that he would take Chu Xuanji with him, and Head Chu agreed. Hao Chen flew with Chu Xuanji’s Royal Sword, and Senior Brother Six also secretly brought Linglong down the mountain.

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