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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 19 Recap

Chu Xuanji returned to the room and lay down to sleep, but in her heart was thinking about Yu Sifeng kissing her today. She suddenly thought of what Senior Brother Haochen had said, and quickly forced herself to sleep well, not thinking so much. Lu Yanran secretly stunned a monster and obtained his token. Yu Sifeng was thinking about the matter with Chu Xuanji in the room, looking at the lover’s curse in his hand. When Chu Xuanji got up in the morning, a disciple told her that the head of the island master had gone to Xuanyuan faction and then left. Chu Xuanji met Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng asked if she frightened her yesterday. Chu Xuanji said that they can keep a little distance now, and wait until her heart beats. Hao Chen came over to let Chu Xuanji go back to practice, and then told Yu Sifeng that she should not disturb Chu Xuanji. Yu Sifeng argued with him and left.

The head of Chu, the Island Master of Fuyu Island and the Deputy Palace Master of Lize Palaceopened the barrier of Xuanyuan Sect, entered Xuanyuan Sect, and found that the disciples of Xuanyuan Sect had been killed by the demon of Tianxu Hall. They found the head of Pillar and found that he was still breathing. Several people rescued him. The head of Zhu Shi said that he escaped a catastrophe because of Xuanyuan School’s secret road and treasure protection. The head of Zhushi wanted to get the spirit key back. The other heads said that the head of Zhushi was not healthy yet. If he was discovered by the Tianxu Hall, they were afraid that he would be in danger.

Yu Sifeng found Chu Xuanji again, and they wanted to ask about Chu Linglong and Zhong Minyan . Yu Sifeng talked about their affairs with the Tianxu Hall and wanted to ask the head of Zhushi, but he didn’t get anything. The head of Pillar Shi came to the wild, but became another person, who turned out to be a fake. Chu Xuanji took out what the Sixth Senior Brother gave her before and asked Yuning to do divination for them. Yuning said it was a big murderer, and Chu Xuanji worried. Yuning said that this divination technique was not true. Zhong Minyan was rescued by a hunter and finally woke up. Zhong Minyan wanted to go out to find Chu Linglong. He found that two Shaoyang school disciples had caught Yu’er. Zhong Minyan asked what was going on. They thought she was from Tianxutang. Yuer said that she knew that Chu Linglong was there. She told a group of little demons that there was a place called Tianxu Hall, and then she saw Chu Xuanji had been taken away.

Lu Yanran was inquiring about the news in the sub-stage of the Tianxu Hall, she went to see Chu Linglong, and wanted to find the mirror. Wutong came over again, saying that he was going out to do business and was coming to see him at night. Wu Tong went to see the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations and found clues, and asked Chu Linglong who had been there. Chu Linglong said she didn’t know. Wu Tong was looking in the room and she had to find Lu Yanran. Chu Linglong took the meal and threw her at Wu Tong. Wu Tong took her hand and said that she would come back to serve her at night and Wu Tong had left, Lu Yanran Go out to see that he put the mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations there. Wu Tong went to see the hall master and gave him the mirror, but was still slapped by the hall master.

Wu Tong explained to him that the hall master asked Wu Tong to chop off Chu Linglong’s arm, and then handed it to Chu Linglong’s father for them to exchange the spirit key. Chu Xuanji wanted to escape but was discovered by Wu Tong. Wu Tong took off his clothes and showed her the scar on his chest. Wutong said he was going to kill her father, sister and lover.

Hao Chen knew about the fake Pillar, so he took out the pill and asked him to take it. Pillar had no choice but to take it. When Hao Chen saw that he had nothing to do, he left. As soon as Hao Chen left, the wolf vomited blood. They took Chu Linglong over and took out the knife to chop off her arm, but he chopped off another person’s arm, took off Chu Linglong’s bracelet and sent it to the head of Chu. Chu Linglong was sent into the room again, Wu Tong asked them who owned the knife. They were silent, Wu Tong asked people to pull out the people who had recently entered the Tianxu Hall. Zhong Minyan came, Wu Tong found him, and asked people to catch Zhong Minyan. Zhong Minyan was taken away, but Lu Yanran was found. Wu Tong was about to kill Lu Yanran when Yu Sifeng arrived and rescued her.

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