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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 18 Recap

Chu Linglong was still locked up with an iron chain on her hand. Someone brought her food to Chu Linglong. Chu Linglong asked him about Wutong , but the person left without answering. When Chu Linglong wanted to eat, Wu Tong came in and took the squeaky chicken to her mouth, saying that it would not harm her. Chu Linglong couldn’t help it anymore.

After eating, Wu Tong patted the chicken, grabbed a handful of vegetables and stuffed Chu Linglong’s mouth. Wu Tong was sleeping on his bed, and Chu Linglong wanted to kill him with an iron chain, but he was found kicked out of the bed. Chu Xuanji was still asleep, Senior Brother Haochen took Dingkun out of her body, remembering that the God of War had obtained Dingkun. Hao Chen tried to determine the connection between Kun and Chu Xuanji but did not succeed. Hao Chen used Xianshu to temporarily suppress Ding Kun’s hostility so as not to awaken Chu Xuanji’s memory.

Si Ming re-seals the memory and life pillar of the God of War in the heavens. God Snake Teng stopped him and asked him where the God of War had gone. Si Ming asked him why he was looking for the God of War. Teng Snake said he wanted to try the God of War. Test. Teng She said that his guard Dingkun had been lost and he was going to find Dingkun. Si Feng didn’t tell him, Teng She went elsewhere. When Chu Xuanji woke up, he saw Senior Brother Haochen and asked him if he saw Yu Sifeng and if he knew where Yu Sifeng was. Hao Chen said he was all right.

Hao Chen asked Chu Xuanji: Do you know the promise you made to the master when you left the customs, saying that you will protect the secret realm for a lifetime, how can you say that you want to marry someone else? Chu Xuanji said that she had taken off Yu Sifeng’s mask and that if she was not responsible, Yu Sifeng would be punished. Senior Brother Haochen said that Lize Palace does not have these rules, and that it is Lize Palace’s own business anyway. Hao Chen said to take Chu Xuanji to Lize Palace to explain clearly, and Chu Xuanji said that she could not turn back. Hao Chen asked her again what she was looking for in Gao’s Mountain, and Chu Xuanji said that she had gone to Gao’s Mountain to find a lot of disasters.

Chu Xuanji said that she really wanted to restore her six senses and that she wanted to be the same person as everyone else, and some people said that the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations is not an evil mirror. Let Chu Hao Chen Shaoyang peak Xuanji back to practice, said to have been looking for someone to Zhong Min Yan and the Chu exquisite. Hao Chen wanted to take Chu Xuanji back after the Fuyu Island matter was over. Chu Xuanji wanted to explain to him, but was sternly called back to the room by Senior Brother Haochen.

Chu Xuanji was in the room thinking about what they said, feeling impetuous. Ruoyu ask from Chak House deputy ruler not to back away from Chak palace, vice Miyaji said that since Xuanji Chu Yu Secretary for wind so hard, then we left to try. Hao Chen looked at the lover’s curse mask in the room, and knew the origin of the mask, but the mask had been lifted, but the lover’s curse did not solve his doubts. Chu Xuanji wanted to find Yu Sifeng, the deputy palace lord appeared and wanted to fight with Chu Xuanji, and Yu Sifeng came out to speak for her. The deputy palace lord said that Chu Xuanji was not sincere to Yu Sifeng, let Chu Xuanji kind of heart light. Chu Xuanji planted a heart lamp in the room, but never planted it. She worked hard to transition and fainted. Hao Chen came to her room and was about to leave to find that the heart lamp had actually been planted. Hao Chen took Xindeng away, and Yu Sifeng was taunted by the people who were leaving Ze Palace.

Chu Xuanji woke up and found that there was a heart lamp in the flowerpot, so Chu Xuanji took the heart lamp to find the deputy palace lord. Chu Xuanji took it out to show them, and the deputy palace lord asked him to put the heart lamp in Yu Sifeng’s hand to prove his sincerity to Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji put the heart lamp in Yu Sifeng’s hand, but the heart lamp left. Hao Chen came out and told them that Chu Xuanji had only moved her compassion, and Hao Chen took Chu Xuanji away. Chu Xuanji worried about Yu Sifeng, and the deputy palace lord said that this matter would not be pursued. Hao Chen took Chu Xuanji away, Yu Sifeng was extremely lost.

Chu Xuanji was practicing the meditation mantra, but he was thinking of Yu Sifeng in his heart. Yu Sifeng came over to talk to Chu Xuanji, said his mind, and kissed Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji’s heart was beating so badly that he stepped away, Yu Sifeng approached Chu Xuanji and gave her a hairpin. Chu Xuanji didn’t take it, and ran back. Yuning asked her what was going on, Chu Xuanji told her, and Yuning said that she was tempted by Yu Sifeng. In order to prevent Chu Xuanji from being trapped by love, Hao Chen told her that this was because of the ruthless resolution of the practice road. Let her not think so much.

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