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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 17 Recap

The people on Fuyu Island said to Yu Sifeng: Shaoxia Yu, Mrs. Yu has something to do. I would like to invite you to her courtyard to discuss something. Yu Sifeng followed him to his wife Qingrong’s courtyard. Qing Rong was playing the piano and let the man go down. Yu Sifeng paid a visit to the island owner’s wife and asked him what he could do with him. Qing Rong asked: Is the piece I just played nice? Why don’t you look at me.

They all say that I am the number one beauty in the world. Qing Rong said that after she drank the wine from Lize Palace, she made it many times, but did not get the taste. Can you tell me how to make it? The island owner came, and Qing Rong suddenly pushed Yu Sifeng away, and then ran to the island owner, and said that Yu Sifeng had a bad heart for her. Qingrong asked the island owner to kill Yu Sifeng, but she had no face to live. Yu Sifeng said that she was slandering him. The island owner asked him to shut up, dare to be disrespectful to his wife. The island chief fought Yu Sifeng, and Chu Xuanji stopped him and asked him what he was going to do.

The island owner said that Yu Sifeng acted on his wife and he had to kill him today. Chu Xuanji said that it was absolutely impossible for Yu Sifeng to be like this. The island owner said that he discovered that Yu Sifeng was abnormal during the day, but he didn’t expect that he would not put me in this way. Yu Sifeng said that he was unwilling to speak bad words, so please think about it calmly. Owner, you have always been upright, how can you be at the mercy of this matter. Qing Rong lost his temper to the island owner and left. The island owner hurried to chase after him. Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji that the island owner had been poisoned by Qingrong. Chu Xuanji told him about his wife Qingrong, and about the island owner and Zitongshan.

Qing Rong played the piano for the island owner. A gu insect wanted to harm him, but was caught by the island owner. Yu Sifeng and the others also came. Chu Xuanji asked her why the island owner was so good to you, why did she harm him. The island owner also questioned her: Tell me why all this is. Yu Sifeng said: If you guessed correctly, you should not be a victim of a cult, but a saint of the cult. There is no way to escape, so I pretend to be pitiful and save my life. The island owner knows the truth, why are you killing him. Seeing them like this, Qing Rong broke the jar and asked them to kill her. The island owner still loves her, Qing Rong said that she has returned her flesh and blood, and they are reconciled as before. But I didn’t expect Qing Rong to have an affair with the people around the island owner.

Chu Xuanji drank with Yu Sifeng, Yu Sifeng was drunk, and Chu Xuanji wanted to send him back. Yu Sifeng said: You always make my dreams unforgettable and restless, you say what you should do. Chu Xuanji didn’t understand what he meant, saying that she often dreamed of Yu Sifeng. The two of them lay in the flower bed. Yu Sifeng said: Xuanji, you have to know that if you take off my mask, you will be responsible to me. Chu Xuanji said that of course she was responsible to Yu Sifeng. They came to the marriage stone on Fuyu Island and they wanted to try it, but there was no response, and Chu Xuanji pulled him back. The next day, Chu Xuanji brought him sober soup and let him drink it.

The deputy lord of Lize Palace , he was very surprised that Yu Sifeng took off the mask and told Yu Sifeng to take off the mask of the lover’s curse, so that Lize Palace would not be forced to stay. But to hand over the lover’s curse mask, the deputy palace lord asked him to hand it over. Yu Sifeng said that the mask fell into the abyss in Gaoshi Mountain. But the deputy palace lord took out the mask, looking at it with a crying face, and let Yu Sifeng go back and explain it himself. Yu Sifeng asked him to give him some time and he would figure out what was going on.

But the deputy palace lord did not agree, and Yu Sifeng was about to return to Lize Palace, and he said goodbye to Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji asked the deputy palace lord to guarantee him that he would not hurt Yu Sifeng. The deputy palace lord said that unless you marry Yu Sifeng, Chu Xuanji said she would. Chu Xuanji smashed the lover’s curse mask, and the deputy palace lord also recognized Ding Kun, and the deputy palace lord fought with Chu Xuanji. Senior Brother Hao Chen knocked Chu Xuanji out. Several heads were discussing the Xuanyuan Sect and Lingshu, but some people doubted that Tianxu Hall wanted to resurrect the evil spirit star.

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