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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 16 Recap

Yu Sifeng looked at the lover’s curse mask, really crying, Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji: Xuanji, did you really take off this mask. Chu Xuanji answered him in the affirmative. Yu Sifeng didn’t know why this happened. He looked at his arm and found that the curse of the lover’s curse was still there. Yu Sifeng was a little panicked. Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji not to worry, now the important thing is to get out of here. Chu Xuanji pointed to the sword under the big tree and said: Sifeng, this is the stick. The last time I touched it, it struck me with lightning. Yu Sifeng attacked the stick, and then said:

This stick should be an eye. I will go up and see if I can break through this world. Yu Sifeng attacked, but he himself fell into it. Chu Xuanji wanted to save him and had to pull the stick with her hand. She pulled the stick out with a harder effort, but a piece of energy appeared to envelop her. Yu Sifeng was very worried and asked her to let it go quickly. At this time, some strange images appeared in Chu Xuanji’s mind. She was trapped by a group of heavenly soldiers and generals, saying that she had done something wrong. Chu Xuanji slowly lifted into the air, then threw the stick out, called Dingkun, and then the stick turned into a sword. Chu Xuanji also fainted, and Yu Sifeng went to catch her.

Chu Xuanji woke up, but she couldn’t remember, Ding Kun sword turned into a light and entered her body. Yu Sifeng agreed to wait for them to find the fragments of other mirrors, so that they could be clear. Ruoyu and Lu Yanran found them, and they left this place. If the jade mask was damaged, he planned to return to Lize Palace to be punished and left them. Yu Sifeng confessed to Lu Yanran and asked her to enter the Tianxu Hall to inquire about the whereabouts of the mirror.

If there is news, don’t do it rashly. Senior Brother Haochen came to the place where Dingkun Sword was sealed. It turned out that he was Emperor Bailin of the Celestial Realm, and the God of War was also caused by him. This time he went down to the world to prevent the God of War from studying the past. He didn’t want the God of War to get Dingkun again, but he didn’t expect that she would get it in this life.

Chu Linglong wasimprisonedby Wutong , and Wutong asked her to kneel down to beg him. Of course Chu Linglong couldn’t do that. When Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji came to Fuyu Island, they found the disciples of Fuyu Island and asked to see the owner of Fuyu Island. They followed the disciples on the island. Seeing the island owner of Fuyu Island, Yu Sifeng told the island owner about the Xuanyuan faction. At first they didn’t believe their words. Yu Sifeng said that the Xuanyuan faction leader Tianjizhu had been given to them. Chu Xuanji gave the Tianjizhu to the owner of Fuyu Island, and the owner saw that it was a Tianjizhu.

Only then did the people on Fuyu Island believe them and plan to go to Xuanyuan faction to take a look. Chu Xuanji also said that they were looking for the spirit key in the Tianxu Hall to revive the evil spirit star. The island owners heard that it was the resurrection of the evil spirit, but they didn’t believe it, saying that the evil spirit was wiped out thousands of years ago. Yu Sifeng also said that the people in Tianxu Hall did have this ambition.

They were working step by step, and the Xuanyuan Sect was just the beginning. However, the owner of Fuyu Island didn’t take the people of Tianxu Hall seriously and asked them to open the Fuyu Island sword formation. What else did Chu Xuanji want to say, and was taken by Fuyu Island to rest. Chu Xuanji want to go out looking for Zhong Min Yan and Chu exquisite, atoll chiefs said he would send someone looking for.

When Yu Sifeng saw many red bumps on the island owner’s hands, Yu Sifeng and the others retired, and Yu Sifeng felt that the island owner had been caught. The island owner hosted a banquet for Yu Sifeng and the others. Yu Sifeng took out their wine from Lize Palace. The owner drank and said that the wine was tasteless. The island owner’s wife came, and the island owner asked his wife to take a seat quickly. The wife looked at the wine that Yu Sifeng had brought, and the island owner asked her to taste and poured her a glass of wine. The wife said that the wine was much better than the wine on Fuyu Island. The wife talked about Xuanyuan faction, but between the lines revealed her disdain for Xuanyuan faction.

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