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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 14 Recap

Gao Xiangu wanted to kill Chu Xuanji, and Yu Sifeng Yujian repelled Gao Xiangu. Gao Xiangu saw that Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji were lovers and said they wanted to play a game. She wanted to suck up Yu Sifeng’s yang energy and make him his servant, so that Yu Sifeng could completely forget Chu Xuanji. Gao Xiangu threw Chu Xuanji out of the mountains, and Chu Xuanji knocked on the door to get in. The door could not be entered, so she went to other places and looked at the pictures on the wall.

Chu Linglong used a bell to transmit to Chu Xuanji, and Chu Xuanji told them that Yu Sifeng had been taken away, and Gao Xiangu was a fox demon for a thousand years. Chu Linglong asked her where she was, and Chu Xuanji told them that the fox demon’s palace was between two mountains and there was a stream. Lu Yanran heard her say that there was a stream, and it happened that there was a stream beside them, and they immediately went to rescue them. When Chu Xuanji saw that a stone monkey was also trapped, he opened the iron chain with a magic technique. At this time, a door beside it opened.

Yu Sifeng and the others woke up, but they couldn’t move. The fox demon looked at the mask on Yu Sifeng’s face and knew it was the mask of Lover’s Curse. Yu Sifeng said that Aunt Gao Xian was a thousand-year-old demon, and Aunt Gao Xian was angry, saying that if they were saying she was old, they would eat them. Seeing that they didn’t eat hard, Gao Xian had to let them taste her tricks. Yu Sifeng and the others were confused by Gao Xian and regarded the people in front of them as their sweethearts.

Chu Xuanji walked in the cave, came to a dark river, and unexpectedly met the former Shaman Pavilion slave. Chu Xuanji told him about the fact that they were caught by the fox demon, and Chu Xuanji asked if Ting Nu had also been caught. Ting Nu said that she had something else to do with him. He said that the purple fox was doing something beyond her ability, and asked Chu Xuanji if she really didn’t know. Ting Nu told her that she could only find her real body if she wanted to defeat the Purple Fox, and Ting Nu asked Chu Xuanji to take him so he could help.

Chu Xuanji pushed Tingnu, and Tingnu took out a conch and blew it up, trying to draw out the real body of the purple fox. When the agency opened, she found the real body of the purple fox, and Ting Nu asked him to communicate with Gao Xiangu through the real body of the purple fox, and Gao Xiangu temporarily left. Yu Sifeng woke up and called a few of them to wake up. They left quickly, but they kept circling inside and couldn’t get out. Yu Sifeng broke the blindfold and finally left. Ting Nu asked Chu Xuanji to leave as soon as possible, and Zihu came. Zihu said that he had killed them. Chu Xuanji became angry. The strange power in her body came out again. Zihu was not an opponent and wanted to run away.

Chu Xuanji had no mercy and shot the purple fox down. Zihu was anxious, saying that she had never killed anyone, but Chu Xuanji was not what she used to be at this time, she raised her hand to kill Zihu. At this time, Yu Sifeng rushed to her, which made her return to normal. Only then did Chu Xuanji know that Yu Sifeng was not dead, and she didn’t know what had happened to her. They tied up the purple fox and Tingnu spoke for her. Chu Xuanji asked Zihu to tell the truth, but Zihu did not want to tell. Tingnu explained to her that she did catch those people to suck their sperm and blood, but in order not to hurt their lives, everyone only sucked a little.

Zihu said that if it weren’t for saving people and guarding the Dinghai Tiesuo in this mountain, she would not suck human blood. Yu Sifeng asked her what was going on, she was saving her sweetheart. She told them the origin of the spirit key, Tianxutang wanted to wake up the evil spirit star and subvert the Three Realms. Chu Linglong and the others found a mirror of horror and evil behind the painting. Gao Xiangu took them to see the people in Zhonglicheng, Yu Sifeng and others saw that Gao Xiangu was harmless, so they didn’t pursue them. Elder Lingshi’s people were brought over and found Tianjizhu on Chu Xuanji. The elder Lingshi told the conspiracy of Tianxu Hall. Yu Sifeng said that they rushed to Fuyu Island and informed them to rescue Xuanyuan faction.

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