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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 13 Recap

Yu Sifeng cut off another dish and asked them if it was delicious. They knew that Yu Sifeng made the dishes, so they were relieved that they didn’t have to spend money. Chu Xuanji said to Yu Sifeng : You are so good, so I won’t be afraid that I won’t have any delicious food with you in the future. Yu Sifeng said: Because you don’t like to eat, so you won’t think of Shaoyang’s cook cooking. Lu Yanran also came, let her taste the meal Yu Sifeng cooked for Chu Xuanji, the two of them would quarrel when they met. Liu said that they had a quarrel, and they said that they would take the food back to Yu’er to have a taste. During this time, she has been ignoring me, and this food might be able to pry her mouth open.

Said Liu Yihuan and left with a dish. Yu Sifeng asked Lu Yanran to cook and eat, and they started to eat again. Chu Linglong asked Chu Xuanji that she could smell the smell, and Chu Xuanji said that she refining a fragment of a mirror from a thousand tribulations yesterday, so she regained her sense of smell, she also said that she figured it out, and will continue to find it from now on Six senses. Zhong Minyan asked if she was not afraid of falling into the trap of the demon again, Chu Xuanji said she was not afraid, she knew everyone would help her, and they celebrated Chu Xuanji’s regaining sense of smell. Liu Yihuan’s daughter left a letter, and Liu Yihuan was going to chase her back. When he left, he told Yu Sifeng a fragment of a mirror of tribulations.

Chu Xuanji and the others came to Zhongli City, the city was very lively, Chu Linglong and Lu Yanran were noisy along the way. Yu Sifeng found an aunt and asked her where she knew where Gao’s Mountain was. The person told him that there was only one Fairy Mountain in Zhongli City, where Gao Xiangu lived. He asked about the place of Xianren Mountain and was going to Xianren Mountain. Yu Sifeng and the others took out a magic weapon to attack the barrier of Xianren Mountain. They did not open the barrier with all their strength, and finally decided to go to Zhongli City and wait, because the goddess Gao Xianren of Xianren Mountain will be in the world today. They were walking around in Zhongli City.

Fang Yifan found Yu Sifeng and the others and said that Gao Xiangu wanted to kill them. Yu Sifeng asked them what was going on. Fang Yifan said that this aunt Gao Xian would choose four men to serve in the mountain every year. This year he chose four of them. It would be a loss of life to go to the mountain, so he came to ask for help. Fang Yifan also said that Aunt Gao Xian was not a fairy, but a monster, and Chu Xuanji asked how he knew.

Fang Yifan explained that he was curious about Gao Xiangu’s appearance, so he secretly took a look and found that Gao Xiangu was a demon. Yu Sifeng said that there is a barrier on the mountain, how did the selected people go up. Fang Yiran said that every year the selected person would wait outside the gate, and when the time came, Xiangu would send someone to welcome her. Yu Sifeng promised them to save them, and prepared to pretend to be the chosen men with Minyan tomorrow, and they can go up the mountain to find what they want, killing two birds with one stone.

Yu Sifeng and the others were sitting on the sedan chair and placed outside the mountain gate. The door slowly opened, and several women walked out. They opened the curtain of the sedan chair and let them get off the sedan chair. When Yu Sifeng and the others went down, the woman asked them to change into wedding dresses. They changed into the red wedding clothes in the car, Xuanyuan faction was in charge of them, and they were fighting with the people of Tianxu Hall. Wu Tong appeared and killed two Xuanyuan faction disciples. Wu Tong asked him to surrender the spirit key. The headmaster would never hand over the spirit key. He wanted to fight the evil spirits to death. The head was controlled by Wutong, and the other Xuanyuan faction did not dare to fight.

The rest of the Xuanyuan faction succumbed to Wutong’s threat. The leader wanted to fight with Wutong, but he took Kun Yin Dan and was knocked to the ground by Wutong, vomiting blood. Wutong asked them where the spirit key was, and if he didn’t say that he would die, one of the disciples was afraid and told Wutong that he knew where the spirit key was. It turned out to be Shi Feng. Wu Tong asked him to take him to get the spirit key. When they reached the place, they found that the Tianjizhu holding the spirit key was gone. Wu Tong asked him who had been here recently, and Wu Tong told Wu Tong about Yu Sifeng that day. Yu Sifeng and the others were taken to Gao Xiangu. Gao Xiangu was a fox demon, who confuses Yu Sifeng and others. Chu Xuanji was a woman, so she didn’t get the trick. She wanted to do something with the fox demon, but she was caught. Wanting to kill Chu Xuanji, Yu Sifeng’s Yujian blocked it.

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