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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 12 Recap

Chu Linglong and the others felt reasonable and decided to let go of the demon spirit Yuer, and Yu Sifeng destroyed the rune that controlled the demon spirit. Yu’er thanked him for not killing and left. Liu Yihuan hurriedly pursued it. Yu’er was very dissatisfied with Liu Yihuan. Liu Yihuan said that he would not let Yu’er leave him in the future. Chu Xuanji and the others went to the Xuanyuan Sect to report the incident. When they went to the Xuanyuan Sect, they found that the scene was a bit strange. They found the head of the Xuanyuan Sect and told about the Lingshi Elder.

The head asked them to give gifts to Mrs. Fuyu Island, and Yu Sifeng and the others left. When Yu Sifeng and the others left, the two people from the Tianxu Hall put their swords on the neck of the head of the Xuanyuan School. Elder Mo Shi said that the head gave the gift to dispel their worries. The people from the Tianxu Hall let the head be obedient. Only by surrendering the key can Xuanyuan faction be preserved. The head did not listen to them, and would rather die than hand over the key. The people in Tianxu Hall left, Elder Mo Shi and the others advised the headmaster to hand over the spirit key, and the headmaster would rather die than yield.

Yu Sifeng told Lu Yanran not to tell the truth about the matter to Chu Xuanji. It was his own decision to be moved by Chu Xuanji. He felt how easy and happy this moment was. Liu Yihuan came to Yu Sifeng’s room and told him that there was a way to solve the love spell. Liu Yihuan told him: that day when he ran into Lize Palace to see Yu Sifeng, he heard a dialogue between the palace lord and the deputy palace lord. They had a secret room in Lize Palace, and there was a book in the secret room that recorded the solution. The way the lover spells the mask. And only Chu Xuanji can save Sifeng Yu. The way to solve the lover’s curse is that the person he loves only loves himself and has no others in his heart, so you can remove the lover’s curse mask. Yu Sifeng hadn’t heard of this, saying that Chu Xuanji already belonged to him and was unwilling to force Chu Xuanji. Liu Yihuan said that Chu Xuanji is now in love and does not understand feelings.

Chu Xuanji was on the bed thinking of what Liu Yihuan had said to her. At the dinner table, Zhong Minyan told Chu Linglong that the person he liked was only Chu Linglong, and that he had no affair with Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji also proved to Chu Linglong that he had made a mistake. She thought she liked Zhong Minyan, but it was all a misunderstanding. Chu Xuanji said: Didn’t you tell me before that if you like someone you want to see him every day?

At that time, he liked him because Senior Brother Six gave her food, she only knew that Chu Linglong and Zhong Minyan were the ones yesterday. Like each other. Chu Xuanji gave Zhong Minyan’s dagger to Chu Linglong so that they would not quarrel in the future. Chu Linglong remembered the last time they hugged each other on the bed. Chu Xuanji explained to her that there was a weird power in her body, and they wanted to destroy the mirror. Zhong Minyan resolved the misunderstanding with Chu Linglong, and gave her the dagger.

Yu Sifeng asked Lu Yanran in the room, knowing that she was responsible for what happened last time, and Yu Sifeng warned her. Liu Yihuan gave Yu Sifeng an idea to chase Chu Xuanji, making her like him. Yu Sifeng accompanies Chu Xuanji for a walk in the yard, and Chu Xuanji took out her book with an important name and showed it to Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng was a little bit happy when he saw him there too. Yu Sifeng understood that Chu Xuanji didn’t understand love and friendship in her heart, and told her that there was no need to memorize it deliberately. Chu Xuanji said that her six senses were incomplete, and she was very contradictory in her heart, and she didn’t know whether to find her six senses.

After Yu Sifeng’s enlightenment, Chu Xuanji decided to use the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations. Yu Sifeng gave her the mirror. Some scenes appeared in Chu Xuanji’s mind, and Chu Xuanji could smell it. Yu Sifeng took her to a peach forest, and Chu Xuanji was still smelling Yu Sifeng, saying that he smelled good.

Yu Sifeng gave the chef silver and asked him to teach him cooking. When Chu Xuanji saw a large amount of food on the dinner table, Liu Yihuan started directly, and Chu Xuanji and the others began to eat. Yu Sifeng brought a dish and asked them if it was delicious.

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