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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 11 Recap

The elder Lingshi was looking through the collection and wanted to make a Kun Yin Pill by himself. Finally, he saw the record of Kun Yin Pill in one of the books. His apprentice broke in and was wounded and clutched his chest. Elder Lingshi hurriedly gave him treatment, the headmaster came in and saw Elder Lingshi reading the Demon and Evil Pill, and asked him where he got it, which made my Xuanyuan Sect disciple look like this. The elder Lingshi knelt down and said that he was wrong. This was a sinking at the beginning. They said that the Kun Yin Dan could enhance the skill, but they didn’t expect that if they didn’t continue taking it, there would be a dead end.

The headmaster asked who they were, and the elder Lingshi replied that it was Tianxu Hall that they wanted to get the spirit key. The head was very angry with him, he let the Xuanyuan faction disciples fall into disaster, the head let the elder Lingshi leave Xuanyuan faction, the head elder asked the head to give him a few days, and the head pushed him away. Said that the Xuanyuan Sect disciples had to fight the evil spirits, he let the flute prepare to fight.

Zhong Min Yan in Chu exquisite outside the room and saw the exquisite Chu came out and wanted to give her explanation. Chu Linglong ran out, Zhong Minyan hurried to catch up. Chu Linglong saw a child crying in the wilderness. She went to ask what was going on. The little girl told her: Her father was sick, and she came down the mountain to collect medicine. She twisted her foot and couldn’t go back. Chu Xuanji was carrying the little girl to go home, Zhong Minyan followed her, but there was no little girl behind her. Zhong Minyan saw Chu Xuanji being carried by the little girl in the air. The little girl slowly became more and more mature. Zhong Minyan went to chase away the demon spirit. At this time, the demon spirit came to catch them with more demon spirits, Zhong Minyan was injured and was taken away by a group of vines.

In the room, Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji to get up, and Chu Xuanji said that she was not feeling well, so let’s go to Xuanyuanpai tomorrow. Lu Yanran and the others told Yu Sifeng that Zhong Minyan went out this morning and has not come back. Yu Sifeng and the others went to the woods to find Chu Linglong and others. Chu Xuanji saw the sword marks on the wood and knew that Zhong Minyan had left them. They searched separately, and they seemed to have lost their minds in this woods. The demon spirit came out and wanted to catch a few of them, but Chu Xuanji had nothing to do. The demon spirit took Ruoyu and the others. Chu Xuanji gave Yu Sifeng water with her mouth. Yu Sifeng woke up and was startled and pushed her away. Yu Sifeng took Tuzhen pill and said that he had always wanted to be with Chu Xuanji. She was the most important person in Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng’s medicine was over, and he didn’t say anything.

They met Chu Linglong and told them that they would lose their minds if they got wet in the rain. Yu Sifeng knew the origin of the demon spirit inside. Those demon spirits tempted Zhong Minyan and the others to die. Yu Sifeng and the others saw many dead people in a tree, but fortunately there was no Zhong Minyan for them. Yu Sifeng blew the tune and the Mihu Tree blossomed. They followed Yudie to Zhong Minyan and rescued them. When the demon spirit saw that Yu Sifeng and the others had ruined her good deeds, a group of vines entangled towards them. Yu Sifeng was accidentally entangled into a cocoon by the vines, and Ao Yinjin also loosened. Chu Xuanji said to the demon spirit: Let go of Yu Sifeng and confront me. Chu Xuanji opened the vine with a palm and rescued Yu Sifeng. The two of them joined hands and ran away the demon spirit.

Chu Xuanji trapped the demon spirit with the Demon Slayer Talisman, and Brother Liu suddenly came out to make their men show mercy. Yu Sifeng guessed that this demon spirit was his daughter Yu’er. Ruoyu said that this demon spirit had killed many people and should have died. Liu Yihuan protected Yu’er and told them that Yu’er had killed people because she had been controlled. Yu’er suddenly held her head in pain, and then turned into a light and flew away. Chu Xuanji said she could smell it, and they chased it. Seeing that Yu’er hadn’t brought back the blood fruit, Lingshi wanted to use her to refine medicine. Liu Yihuan and the others hurried to rescue her, they found that this was the elder Lingshi of the Xuanyuan Sect. People from Tianxu Hall rushed past and rescued Lingshi, but Zhong Minyan was injured. Zhong Min said that he only cared about Chu Linglong alone, and Chu Linglong was afraid that Chu Xuanji was sad and walked away.

Yu Sifeng asked Big Brother Liu that they were all right, and Chu Xuanji also ran over to ask Yu Sifeng why everyone was so sad. Brother Liu said that they were unhappy because of you. They went to find Yu’er’s Lingshi, Zhong Min said they didn’t want to let Yu’er go, Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji spoke for Yu’er.

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