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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 10 Recap

Zhong Min Yan four of them went to the cave, Chu asked the man from Chak exquisite palace, which Deception surgery you from Ze Palace of people will do, Ruoyu said he does not, winds Secretary Yu gifted, if not from Palace Master Ze forced him, he really didn’t know what would happen. Zhong Minyan asked Yu Sifeng what happened. Ruoyu was about to say that, Lu Yanran of Dotting Valley told him not to say anything, saying that he could not tell outsiders about leaving Ze Palace. Chu Linglong quarreled with Lu Yanran again, Zhong Minyan told them to stop arguing, and they were about to get there soon. They went to the cave and found a cocoon pupa. The cocoon pupa suddenly broke, and a man with red eyes came out. They fought, and the four of them were trapped by a net.

Yu Sifeng walked out the door, Chu Xuanji pulled him not to leave, Yu Sifeng said you should be very worried about Zhong Minyan and them. When Chu Xuanji was about to answer, she received the sound transmission and knew that something was wrong with them. Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji arrived, and Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji to save the person. She went to deal with the person, but several people were caught accidentally. When Chu Xuanji was in danger, something strange happened to her again, which was different from usual. Chu Xuanji killed Ao Yin, rescued Chu Linglong and the others, and fainted.

Yu Sifeng proposed to let them pass the situation back to their respective schools. They returned to Wangxian Town together, and Yu Sifeng was about to leave. Chu Xuanji woke up and had something to say to Zhong Minyan. Chu Xuanji couldn’t remember anything. She had been killing people in her dreams, and her hands kept shaking when she spoke.

Yu Sifeng and the others were thanked by the villagers, and Chu Linglong wanted to drink with Yu Sifeng, but Yu Sifeng was still cold. Zhong Minyan thought that it was the mirror of the Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations, and wanted to destroy it. Chu Xuanji took out the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations. Zhong Min said that he wanted to destroy it by casting a spell, but he did not succeed. At this time, Lu Yanran cast a spell to make them immobile.

Lu Yanran lied to them to come in, and then saw that their actions were misleading. Chu Linglong thought that Zhong Minyan was bullying his sister and wanted to do something to him. Chu Xuanji hurriedly stopped her, but she couldn’t explain clearly. When Chu Linglong saw the dagger, she misunderstood that Zhong Minyan liked Chu Xuanji again. Lu Yanran also let Yu Sifeng leave. Chu Xuanji caught up and stumbled. Yu Sifeng rushed over to look at her. At first, Ao Yinjin on his body entangled the two of them because of the blood of Chu Xuanji.

Lu Yanran wanted to separate the two of them, but she couldn’t solve it no matter what. She also wanted to chop Chu Xuanji’s hand with a knife, but Yu Sifeng stopped it. Zhong Minyan found Chu Linglong to explain, but getting more and more complicated, Chu Linglong walked away weeping. Because of Ao Yinjin, Yu Sifeng and the others are temporarily inseparable. They can only live in one room and decide to go to Xuanyuan faction to find a solution. In the room, Chu Xuanji kept saying that he liked Brother Six, which made Yu Sifeng very unhappy.

Chu Xuanji was hungry, and Yu Sifeng ordered something delicious for her. Because of inconvenience, Yu Sifeng had to pick her up. After eating and drinking enough, Chu Xuanji began to sleep, but did not fall asleep, and said a lot to Yu Sifeng. She came to Yu Sifeng and wanted to touch his mask, but Yu Sifeng stopped her. Yu Sifeng said that the past will never come back, why do you like Zhong Minyan. Chu Xuanji replied. She didn’t know what Yu Sifeng meant by like, saying that she thought Brother Six was very good, she wanted to be with Brother Six, and there was a secret between them. Hearing Chu Xuanji say this, Yu Sifeng was even more sad, and asked Chu Xuanji to stop talking and go to bed as soon as possible. Chu Xuanji returned to the bed and began to sleep. At this time, the lover’s curse mask was also making Yu Sifeng anguish, and he calmed down and healed slowly.

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